Yoyo String Question

I have heard a lot of pros and cons about different yoyo string. What is the best yoyo string in your own opinion. If you don’t mind could you explain why you love that yoyo string.

Blueprint, the pre-tied knots are perfect for my height, I’m 5 feet 9 inches. No need to install any new knots.

I dont mean to brag but happy mountain strings are pretty sick :smiley:

Kitty String Fat is my choice. I love it for slacks.

Blueprint. All I’ve been using for over a year for sure (2?)

To be honest, it’s all preference based on style so for example slacky, flows tricks are performed best with strings such as Kitty String; fast, string burning styles perform best with strings such as Blueprint (despite its coarse-iness) However, I use Blueprint to play a bit of both styles, so it’s really up to you to decide which string is the best. Play around with all types of string and eventually, you will find the one the suits you the best.

I’m a YoYoStringLab Ammo man myself. It’s soft and thick so it’s easy on the fingers, but it still slacks well and lasts a decent amount of time. :slight_smile:

Yoyo string lab Ammo definitely but they are expensive. So kitty string nylon 1.5 is best along with normal kitty string.

Kitty Nylon 1.5 is my favourite. It’s the same length as Kitty Normal, but it lasts significantly longer, holds tension MUCH better, and is still quite soft. Brightness is also an improvement from regular nylon Kitty.

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The best yoyo string by far that I’ve ever used is Toxic Markmont Dragon strings. I’ve played just about everything, and nothing can touch it.

Kitty normal, XL, and YoYoStringLab Venom are my strings of choice ;D

Hi! yoyostringlab venom was originally my first string of choice and I personally really love it as it is an all around great string and of course perfect for slack but at the same time binds really well. If you want to maybe change it up a bit (as YYE dosent have too many colors available) go for yoyostringlab ammo which is just as good but also works for any play style!

Good news - Venom was just restocked.

Epic Strings Chubby Unicorns are coming….
Soft, fluffy, and magical.
That’s why I love them.

Toxic Dragon = good whips, not too thick or thin, long enough for tall or cut it short if you need. My favorite overall.

YYSL ammo & x = soft, shorter, ok for whips better general purpose. X for fast play, ammo for slower. Retains bounce. Very fun.

My two faves.

Kitty normal and fat is nice to have on hand but I find it bland and wears out pretty quick - but I switch string a lot. Once it starts to get a bit fuzzy and worn I crave that smooth new feeing. After about an hour with any string, be it toxic or YYSLab I crave a new one.