What is your favorite type of string?

What is your favorite type of string? What are some good things about the string? How long does is last? Be sure to list some bad things too. I am trying to decide what string I want to try.

YoyoString Lab Type X.
Soft, lasts a very long time and seems to become more effective as it’s used. It also doesn’t take my soft flesh to task in the form of string burns. I’ve tried a number of different strings, and that’s the one that impressed me the most.

By doing a quick search, Kitty string is the favorite choice.

Belly button length, regular kitty string. Fat kitty is nice too!

favorite for contests or shows is Yoyo String Lab type X, Neon green.

I always use neon green strings, no idea why, just do.

For day to day usage I use Kitty normals since you can buy it in bulk and costs much less than the ‘boutique’ string, while still feeling awesome.

I now use Kitty and G String SOLO because YYSL is too short…

toxic dragon string.

PROS: everything.

Cons: Nothing.

Toxic BG1 is the best in my opinion

Kitty strings. Slicks mostly.

slim kitty has impressed me the most

I’ve tried a great many different strings, and it turns out that I enjoy using a great many different strings. :wink:

I’m not overly fond of the super-fast, super-whippy strings like the Dragon or the Toxic normals… but I still have some on a few yoyos for the times I feel like using them.

As it turns out I’m not overly fond of extremly thin strings, either. For the most part, I just find I have to put too much arm behind them to do whips…

Also out of the running for me are Metz thick… just too thick. Too darned thick. Metz thin are nice, though.

Favourites, then:

Toxic BG1 and Snakes for every day play, and I wish they were cheaper and came in more colours. :wink: They’re very similar to one another. Have similar weight and feel through the air. As I recall, Snakes are wound more on the “normal” side of things, with BG1s being wound on the loose side. I haven’t landed on a preference between the two.

But since they’re not cheaper and don’t come in other colours, my next favourite is Fat Kitty string. Fat or normal Kitty will do everything you need it to do, and for the right price. There’s a reason they’re a favourite string of many players… they’re unassuming and inexpensive, while having all the perfomance you actually need.

I do like YYSL Type X for when I do want a string on the thinner side. It’s not like it’s dental floss thin, but it’s certainly thinner than something like the BG1. Holds tension nicely, lasts a long time, and gives you those nice flowing loops for when you want them.

So it looks like the top choices are Toxic Snakes/BG1s Kitty string and String Lab Type X

Toxic Dragons BigYoyo Type 1

Regular poly is the only string I’ve used. I like it because it stays on my finger ._.

I’m a huge supporter of YoYoStringLab and have been using nothing but Matt’s string for over a year. I’ve got a very large review in progress and I hope that everyone at least gives his strings a shot before they decide on favorites.

I’m currently offering a small sample pack of Matt’s strings to anyone who’s never tried them. No money, no obligations; just some free string to try out if you’d like it. PM me if you’re interested.

To clarify, I have no affiliation with YYSL as a company and have only spoken with Matt as a fan of his products. I fully believe that he makes the most consistently excellent string available today and am willing to back up that statement by giving said string to anyone who’d like to test my opinion.

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YYSL Type X is definitely my favorite string, it’s soft, bouncy, long lasting, and doesn’t have that “heavy” whipping feeling that other strings have. Kitty string fat is also very good.

The normal Toxic String is my absolute favorite. Whips great at a pretty average speed, and holds tension very well. Been using the same string for 10+ hours and it’s only frayed a tiny bit (certain colors seem more prone to fraying in the blend). From a distance it still looks new. May be a little rough for some people, but after some use it gets smoother. Only problem I have with it is the thickness, I just want it a tiny bit thinner so the binds aren’t as instant/violent.

Other than that, YYE Poly is nice, I’ve heard lots of good things about Kitty String, and if you’re looking for a faster more slick string Toxic Dragons are very nice.

Fat Kitty for me 24/7. Cheap and amazing.
Pro: Plays well, whips and slacks well, keeps tension ok, awesome colors.
Cons: Doesn’t last as long as “luxury” strings.

Twisted Stringz “Project X” is my day to day string on most mid-large sized throws.

My #2 would be Twisted Stringz “Type A1”, “Type B” on smaller throws.

Lastly, but certainly not least would be Toxic “Dragons”. For the purpose of learning any type of whipping trick they are simply a “No-Brainer”.

I must give an honorable mention to Toxic “Snakes”. Excellent string, I just wished they would expand their color selection. Green is such an overused color.

Has anyone used chaos 422 string i was looking at buying that maybe

Kitty string fat. for most throws.
Cotton type 9 for fixed axle.