What kind of String do you use? Color? and why?

Hey Everybody, Just wondering what kind of String everybody uses? What Color? and why?

I use Normal Kitty String! I like two different colors Orange and Yellow. And I like it because its super smooth and it just feels right. But i’m thinking of trying Toxic string, any suggestions on what kind? :slight_smile:

Epic string, white, cause its the best.

Right now I’ve been using mostly YYE bulk 100% poly for everything. However, I’ve been playing a LOT more lately and my fingers are getting cut up. This is my fault for playing too much. It is good string though. Neon green and yellow. Bright, easy to see.

I’ve been experimenting with different strings lately. Thick Metz is too thick for me. BG1’s are not as thick, nice and soft. I bought a 100-count of YYSL Type X, yellow. This is for my trip to Vietnam(and beyond. It’s softer so it shouldn’t cut me up as much in the humidity. It’s really strong and lasts a good long time. It costs way more per string than YYE bulk, but you also get the difference in usage that matches.

I am bringing some packets of Kitty String and some other stuff on my trip to compare with. We should all experiment with strings.

I do use YYE Slick6 for my loopers. Yellow.

I am buying some wood yoyos(with some other stuff) from YYE tonight. I have some YYE 100% cotton. Blue/black.

For some strange reason, YYE bulk string in white doesn’t seem to work well for me. Maybe it was when it was made or something. It seems like the dye used to color the string makes the string a bit better.

Blue slick 8. Because it works good for me and is reasonably priced.
Cotton 8 on some loopers. White because dyed cotton string tends to break easier than white.

Neon yellow, neon green, or white Kitty String Fat. Why? Because it’s cheap, holds its tension well, and the color is very bright.

Toxic normal sonic bellow for 5a and kitty normal purple
Kitty normal purple with a black dibase(I used to have)

Why toxic normal for 5a since its thicker and gives a string bind, also slack are very good, but the slipknot loop is loose.

Why kitty normal well their string hod tenison great and perfect for whip and slacks

Black string,

black yoyo,

over black floor.

sooo hardcore

To be serious neon yellow regular kitty string, because its nice and I like it. The soft is nice.

Looks like theres some good variety of Strings being used. If anybody could tell me about Toxic String that would be awesome!

toxic strings are good for whip, slacks and hold tension greatly but I only tried normal toxic not their signature series.

My strings :slight_smile: :slight_smile: most of the time yellow or white

Must use while wearing all black long-sleeved clothing with black gloves, against a solid black backdrop.

Zen Strings Pepto Pink Polly on My Cliff and Burstin Yellow on my Majesty just to let you guys know next month I will be holding contest giving out string and releasing for sale :wink:

Over 8 years of string making/selling/promoting and I didn’t even make the list?
Time for a comeback push. :wink:


Oh okay thanks!

I just went on your profile and remembered reading Nivo’s review on your string. Might try some out once i start to run out again :slight_smile:

Totally forgot about Gstring! Never tried it though, ive only ever used YYE and Kitty String.

I’d like to try your string!!

Athough we may not all realize it, Paul is the reason we are even talking about this.

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