You're only allowed one string brand and color for the rest of your life


Slim Kitty String - neon yellow


I havent tried it yet but I would gues

YYSL ammo- neon yellow


Kitty…they make my black string. I love it so much. I took a photo of my most recent bunch.
KittyString1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Toxic BG Yellow Jackets.


YYSL Type X - White

One of the easiest yoyo related decisions I could be asked to make. Everything before was good but didn’t hold a candle to this and everything since has been a disappointment in comparison.


Yysl type x neon yellow inverse.


Fat Kitty or Unknown Jack Rabbits or some customs he made me. Neon Yellow

(kclejeune) #8

Uh yellow kitty nylon


Neon yellow JAMS. I’ve never used yysl type x though.


you use black string? i got a pack of black kitty a few weeks ago, and i cant use it because i cant see it at all^^ i maybe used 5 of the black strings because i just cant deal with not seeing the string… do you have problems with that? or do you just have floodlights everywhere you yoyo? :smiley:

for me it would be yellow kitty normal


I defense of black/dark string… for throwing inside at least, most of the backdrops at my house are light-to-mid coloured. Very few dark things. It’s actually the neon yellow that’s hard to see against the off-white walls and tile floors.

That said, one string forever? Guh. G-String Solo, whiteout.

Thank God you can’t make this reality… too many other equally good strings out there!


YYSL Type X: Neon Yellow


Epic string lightning bolts. Yellow.


long yellow kitty or other plain 100% poly yellow.

It’s just about all that I’ve used the past few years anyhow haha ;D

no question.


You string pusher, you! :slight_smile:

For me, it would have to be Yellow Gator Floss!



wow, I was going to say this… didn’t think anyone would.

I still have two pieces of gator floss…


Green fat kitty any day


YYSL Ammo, neon green. What a string.

(SlimJoe) #19



Kitty String 1.5 (Neon Yellow) all the way!