What color string do you use?

And what do you think the worst color for string is?

Pink, green, dayglo, orange. Black, tricolors.

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This, but I’d add neon yellow and put it in the top spot.

Anything green, pink, or yellow (also white if I can get it!)!

I think the worst are the darker blends.

Currently I use white or yellow/green Kitty fat nylon, or ocean blue YYSL venom. I could get venom in a bunch of different colors, but I’d only ever buy the bright ones. The white Kitty fat nylon is currently my overall favorite though.

… also “cotton colored”.

I’m hoping to try some of the kitty nylon fat here soon! Is it kind of like a fatter 1.5?

I personally like neon yellow, light/baby blue, white, golden yellow, and neon pinks.

I’m not sure, I haven’t tried the 1.5. that being said, I understand 1.5 is between normal and fat in thickness, and that’s the only difference. I just bought fat to begin with because I knew i liked the poly fat and didn’t want any thinner.

For me, Green is my least favorite color.

I prefer bright colors, usually blends of green/yellow or orange/yellow/red since I can see those colors easiest when I am trying to land on the string. I also like light blue Kitty string a lot. Plain old white works just fine as well. I also avoid the darker blends.

For bearing yoyos, I prefer bright yellow. For wood fixed axle, I use home made white cotton string. I personally don’t like black string as my old eyes have trouble seeing it when doing tricks.

Bright colors. Currently Neon Orange with a twist of Pink in it.

99%… yellow

White or orange. I think black is the worst.

I currently have a Normal Kitty Lime Green and a Fat Kitty Red. Planning to grab some orange string on my next purchase. Worst color for a string for me is black, as I always (or most of the time) wear a black shirt.

I feel like this should be a poll.

I like a lot of colors for aesthetic reasons, but I have to use something bright so I can see it(almost always yellow, but on throw looks really good with hot pink or white).

Worst colors for me would be blue. Not good for performance, and doesn’t look good either.

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What throw is that?

Cloud strings - Yellow (only option)
Angle Hair - Green, Yellow, Orange
Toxic BG1- Yellow

Lease favorite colors have been Blue and Red.

But blue and red strings are so pretty!