Favorite color string ?

What is your favorite color of string to use ?

Green/yellow/white in one string (slackies) looks perfect to me

Neon yellow then green then white

If I’m casually throwing around the house, purple, anywhere else, yellow

Bright yellows and Greens.

Most shades of yellow. I also really like some twists, baby blue, green, and orange.

Yellow for unresponsive play and white for fixed axle.

I’ve been super into orange lately. Gotta try purple for inside to.

Neon yellow. Maybe neon green or white

I’m with hobbyman101, bright yellow for modern yoyo or not wood axle fixed axle, white cotton for wood fixed axle.

White :+1:

For casual 1A like to match the throw or go neon yellow. For fixed axle play I like white or black/yellow

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

Usually white or neon but black string looks great with my gold 2014 benchmark V

I don’t care for black string to much but on a gold yoyo I bet it looks great! :heart_eyes:

I like pink string because it is easy to see.

Hot Pink Kitty String is one of my favorites, so bright and stands out easily in any lighting.

How does does an average kitty last for you? I find they break down so fast and lose color in an alarming swiftness (where does it go!?) After a few hours use, is almost too much.

Just curious. :slight_smile:

I’d say they last a day or two depending on how much I’m throwing and how picky I’m being. Not sure where that color goes though…

Red venom

or orange zekio