what kind of string would you prefer?

When I sent out my strings to my testers the commented that my strings were too dark, so I need you opinion on what color strings I should make and sell.

Yellow is very common but pink can be seen very well

I usually prefer neon yellow.

In my review I commented that the colors were too dark for a string that people would want to use.

In my opinion stick to solid colored strings mainly. Most people play with a solid colored neon or white string. So go with neon green, neon pink, neon yellow (my favorite), and white at least

I tend to colormatch my strings to a point, but the darker it is, the more my old eyes can’t see it lol. You can never really go wrong with a bright, neon yellow I think. It goes with ALMOST any colorway decent enough and for most people is the easiest to see.

Neon green

Definitely yellow.

Wow i think i will make green as well as yellow, thanks for the feedback.

Yellow, green and white…and maby orange are your way to go. Allmost any other string color annoys me especially when I am watching a freestyle with dark string, like a deep red, purple or a dark blue. There is no point for those dark strings other than marketing those colors to specific yoyos, like when they match that yoyos colors.

Blue, neon green/yellow, white, and pink those are the colors I can deal with

Neon green/yellow/white/orange/pink