what's your favorite color of yoyo string?


Hey guys, so I know there are a lot of different colors of strings out there, which do you usually use? I use neon orange, and If i can find them, neon green. I buy mime from Chico yoyo [shadow=red,left]co[/shadow]. Mostly because i go to that club so i can buy them easily. I like neon because it’s easier to see. What colors do you use?


neon yellow


Neon anything, but preferably neon green, yellow, or a mix of both (lemon/lime)


YYE edition. I got like two 50 pack at Christmas, and it’s lasted forever. Though soon I’ll be picking up some DT in green as promised :slight_smile:


make a poll!


Im to lazy to write all the colors! Pm me them and ill make one XD


neon yellow neon orange other. lol




I’m currently completely out of string, but I just ordered some YYE bulk neon yellow, which is my preferred color. I’ve always wanted to try some white poly string though.


a poll has been made :slight_smile: a lot of random choices!


I have found that different colored string fray, hold tension, and feel different.

Personally Yellow or Pink is good with me.

I hate the Orange and green.


Neon Yellow.


Golden Rod. :smiley:




If I’m doing a vid, neon orange… Pretty much my whole house’s background is white so neon yellow doesn’t work too well… If I’m just practicing or messing around I like neon green, and if I’m in public, I like to use my yye edition dietz and yye string to support yye ;D

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Neon yellow mainly but white here and there.


atomic wonder it has blue, yellow, purple, orange, and it might have a little green


I bought I think every color of the ammo packs I have like 14 now and gone through about three. I looked it up, every color except white. I feel like I have to match the Yoyo color. I like nickel cause any color looks good.

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telekenesis is my favorite string :smiley: