Best Color for yoyo string

Hey peoples,

I was just wondering what your opinion is on the best overall color for yoyo string? What have you found works best and why? This goes not only for visibility of tricks for others to see, but also visibility for you to see the string when doing tricks.

From what I have seen in competitions most use neon green or just plan green string, so would this be the best color option?

I only ask these things because when I just started out throwing about a year ago I was confined to using a light yellow 50/50 6 type string, which I don’t think was the best for visibility against my white walls. I decided to trade up and got me some blue 100% ploy from the store, which works awesome but can prove to be a little difficult to see at high speeds and at night. I admit that I should have got some neon kitty string…

Anyway, after saying this I want to make it clear that I’m not asking for advice on which color of string to buy, I’m only seeking your opinion.


I always get a neon colored string that contrasts my yoyo. Neon green, yellow, or orange are the best. But YYR’s always look the best with bright, clean white. Dark colors just don’t look good. imo

Neon yellow, neon green, white, neon orange

Yup. I like “twisted” varieties of these, too. Mostly neon yellow with a bit of white and neon green, for example.

White looks the best and plays the best if it’s home made string, in my opinion. The YYE white poly isn’t good, at least for me it’s too thin and I have sweaty hands I need thick fast string which Dead Threads and Dragon string seem to work fine.

That’s kind of why I got the blue string, it ‘looked’ bright on the store. Although I don’t think its the best match for my ash berry arctic circle. Anyone want to trade for a pack of 100-ish blue 100% poly strings? ::slight_smile:

i like the color of toxic’s sonic bellow or neon green,neon pink

I have been a fan of neon orange, and I love the green used in Toxic Snakes.

I personally like a neon yellow with my smooth move. Only annoying thing is the residue on the nickle rubs on the string and loses brightness. One more thing to add any neon string and black light or a blue light is a ton of fun colors really pop

I like solid neon colors like Orange Pink Green and Yellow

Personally, the type of string matters a bit more to me than the color. I have enough Toxic String to last me into the summer at least. Unfortunately, I could only get it in Atomic Wonder from YYE at the time, and lost out on the Sonic Bellow (Yellow/Green/White) by a few days, which looked quite stellar in my opinion.


Neon green has to be the most popular other than white.

I like neon green and yellow but I usually make some stings to go along with the festivities ,for some of my friends that throw I made some colorful spring time like colors as a present for Easter.

I have a silver fools gold avalanche so i use neon yellow string to contrast it. or for my turquoise cheif i use pink because the colors also contrast.

pink goes with anything blue and it looks awesome :slight_smile:

I really like dark colors, but for modern tricks I found myself buying neon orange or pink strings.

Neon green is a good overall color. Bright, contrasts with darn near anything, photo/video friendly.

The bright yellow is nice too, but it can “bloom” under the camera at times.

Both offer good playing visibility, which is all I care about since I don’t video anything.

Brands? Pick whatever brand you want. I’m kinda on YYSL Type X right now, but I have no problems recommending YYE’s bulk 100% poly neon green and yellow.