String Colour

Out of curiosity, what’s your favourite yoyo string colour?

Mine’s Neon Yellow, interested in trying out Baby Blue :grin:

Neon yellow

I also like the neon yellow, it lets me see the string better. I found dark colors made it tougher to hit tricks because I didn’t see the string as well (especially when traveling for work and yoyoing in a dimly lit hotel room).

I completely agree with you. Especially under direct sunlight, it’s even more brighter!

I was thinking of trying out baby blue, but it looks more of a dull and gloomy looking string colour.


Neon green (same as neon “yellow”, but you guys CAN’T SEE.) And Hot Pink. Kitty String’s hot pink, not any other kind.

Bright construction-worker orange, like the orange found in sOMEThING type-2.
Followed by neon green
Followed by neon yellow


Orange in sunlight (I wish I liked blueprints as much as their orange color), neon yellow in indoor light. Also the yellowish/greenish venom’s are a great color.

I can see. I produce strings, I even have two different shades of neon green and at least three different shades of neon yellow ;D


Anyone here tried baby blue before? Thinking of trying it out…

Baby blue makes my yoyo vibe…

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What’s the color like? Is it nice?

You’ll know when you play it and the yoyo vibes.

Anyway, it’s like the kind of blue baby clothes have, like light blue almost like the sky except fainter.

It really makes the yoyo vibe? :flushed:


But depending on my mood, I’ve got Red, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Orange, Several colors of String Lab. I’ve got a lot of string ;D

forgot white – the only color I use for fixed axle play.

White and yellow pretty strictly

I like white, green, and yellow. I’m not ultra picky. ;D