What is your favorite color Yo-Yo and Yo-Yo String? And why?

What color Yo-Yo’s do you own the most of and WHY that color? Which color Yo-Yo’s have drawn the most attention to your performances? Which color String do you like the most?

Yoyo color?
Black, Light blue, Raw(but looks like shit after a while without polish; draupnir I’m looking at you)

String color?
Pink or neon orange, more visible that neon yellow IMO, and neon yellow loses it “neon” and overall yellow coloring pretty quickly to me.
After a while, I can’t really differentiate it between white sting

Yah thats another thing I have been wondering, I have always just tried the tradition white color strings myself. Other than the Duncan 5 pack of colored ones you get a the store. Do you think that Neon Yellow or Neon Pink are the most noticable? The purple ones even looks pretty cool. I may get a pack of the Purple next time.

The colors of my yoyo’s tend to be quite diverse, usually 3 to 4 yoyos of the same color ranging from black to yellow, although there are some holes in my color wheel… I have yet to buy a pink yoyo for example. However my favorite color for yoyos tend to be red, gold/yellow, and white/black. The same I suppose goes for my favorite colors for strings also. This is mostly because those colors are my favorite palette of colors, duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have much of a color preference for the throws themselves, but I’m fairly particular when it comes to string color - I always stick to neon orange or neon green. I find I often have a hard time seeing white or neon yellow string well enough to land tricks, and the same holds true for darker string. Neon Orange in particular for me just seems to strike the right balance of contrast and visibility.

All my throws are each a different color/colorway. I kinda like to get what I think looks the coolest at the time of purchase. But, one colorway that I do like is the northern lights on clyw throws. I don’t know why, but the acid wash of that colorway just looks awesome!

Also, I prefer to use neon green string. It’s real easy to see, not overly bright like neon yellow, and doesn’t show dirtiness as quickly as neon yellow either.

In no particular order

light blue 28 stories

blasted pig pink

non blasted bright pink+black splash

silver-purple splash

delirium dive

fire lava

That pink/white/blue is just GORGEOUS!

I tend to have a lot of Aqua/blue yoyos, but also a lot of pink & purple as well. I mainly just like the way the colors look, especially in motion. For string, I tend to try and coordinate with whatever yoyo I’m putting it on, so I’ve got a pretty wide selection of colors of string all in different bags.

I recently picked up some of the VENOM string in Fusion Fuschia and it looks so much better in person, and has a really great feel to it.

I answer this the same every time.

  1. Blue
  2. YoyoExpert (red/black/clear or silver)
  3. Black
  4. Silver (clear or grey)
  5. Gold

I dislike green and orange throws most. I don’t mind solid purple, pink, red, brown or yellow, but they are not my most favorite. I’m buying those other colors more now to diversify my collection.

My favorite string color is black. :slight_smile:

Here’s my current favorite look - MarkMont Classic in black with red domes and red fat Kitty.

Not my usual choice of colors, I tend to like flashier things… but that looks REALLY sharp. I like it!

The yoyo colors in my collection are very differse I buy whatever looks cool at the time and I purposfully buy different colors to mix things up.

My favorite string color is neon yellow

Man, I love my nickel MC, but I definitely need to pick up a black one eventually.

As for my typical preferences, I usually like solid color blasted throws with neon green or yellow string. Although, thanks to the OD Cascade I won in Paul Dang’s AMA and the YYF Collector’s Mystery Box, splashes are growing on me.

I have most of my yo-yos in red, since it’s my favorite colour. For stage I prefer gold or silver, since it’s best visible(good for audience and judges).

99% of time I use yellow string. Best visibility in all lighting and also best on stage.

I own mostly every color I like to have a little bit of everything pretty much.

For my preference I would go with a like green yoyo and hot pink string it just looks awesome.

Nickel & Black are my two favorites with white string. Then it’d be Gold with white or yellow string.

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Green, always.
Or if I can’t, then black with green splash.
String? Green

Red with yellow string.

Deep purple and hot pink. I want an ash berry or berry berry throw sooooooo bad. Their always sold out within 10 min of coming out tho. String color is neon yellow.

i always go for purple’s and blue or pink. and green and golds have made me buy as well.
strings-light blue and orange strings.