What color string do you use?

That’s dayglo.

Iv tried baby blue kitty. Didnt like it at all. I actually threw them all away. I like neon yellow and neon orange. My wife and daughter got me a tube of fushia venom and that was a pretty good color.

Really? Dang! I always just give stuff like that away when I sell stuff or give them to new yoyoers.

Yeah that was the plan. i hung onto it for so long that it was time to trash it. 5 or so strands of string. Man i have like an ocd type deal when it comes to my yoyo stuff that like i cant have 2 different types of things not being used. Yoyos is different. But like string and other crap all has to be same or i get an uneasy feeling. Hard to explain and probly doesnt make sence at all.

I get what you are saying.

Almost yellow and white exclusively. Have the white/blue venom that looks good on the copper Valor. Mix it up between YYR, ammo, venom, bulk toxic and type x depending on gap width


Its an M2

It is amazing!

Also I use yellow, hate brown

White or bright.

yellow and white

Neon Yellow J-Slicks

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Anything neon is best.

I’m out of everything except some black kittystring from a mix-pack i bought many years ago. Definitely the worst color to use.


I think white is a bad color. I use neon yellow

White or yellow.

I like black strings…if others hate it send them to me… :smiley:

I also like yellow

I use the manly colour of pink. I plan to order more purple next time.

I use home made string these days, but I’ve been using a base of neon orange, yellow, or green, then adding in a splash of whatever color goes with the yoyo.