String color?

i had a friend who told me that different string color affects the play
is this true?
like he said red is heavier than pink and orange, which is heavier than green and yellow
i do alot of slacks and whips so i want to try heavier strings but i dont know if this is true or not

btw dont tell me that i should just stick to highlites or yye string because if im good then sting doesnt matter
i realize that, and ill probably stick to those
im just curious about other string

String colours of the same brand play the same.

However, String BRANDS are a different story

yea ive noticed difference in brands, but no differences in color at all?

and what string would be good for whips/slacks

Look up kitty string…

I like kitty string. Its great for suicides and stuff. Tension doesnt increase too fast as well :smiley:
Its like 20 Dollars for 100.

Another great one is Gator floss. Designed for Whips slacks and suicides. Sadly the dude making it has school stuff. :c

So i’d totally recommend Kitty Strings.

i was looking at kitty string
is fat any better than regular?

Fat for Large gapped yoyos.
Slim for Small gapped yoyos
Regular for Regular yoyos
Soft Nylon for Smoothness * Doesn’t last as long as regular but its super smooth *
Glow in the dark for … You get what i mean

wait so the thickness doesnt affect its play other than its bind?

Soft nylon is smooth.
Glow in the dark plays like Regular kitty string except it glows in the dark.

Others - Binds
OH OH and uhm Fat string lasts slightly longer than regular.
Slim wears out faster.

i see…
so with a yuuksta gap at 4.7 mm should i go with fat?

Thats up to you, If you prefer Lower response or high response. I like regular for all my yoyos. :smiley:

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