Which Kitty String do you use and coulor?


I use the normal Kitty because its a allrounder. God for slacks and it has a good tension. I like the yellow because its the most shiny color.


I use the neon green normal ones. They tend to feel a little rough sometimes.

They last a little longer than generic strings but I’m sure there’s better.

It’s cheap though that’s what I like about it


I use neon yellow and yellow blue mix.

great string that holds tension very well and vibrant colors i love


Fat Kitty Neon Yellow
Soft, Slacks and Whips are flawless, nice and tight binds, yep


At BAC, I got a free 100 pk of kitty normal in Gold color, and I like it very much, it has a nice tone and goes will with some my yo-yos.

I have noticed is does not last as long as the YYSL Ammo, or type X.


Kitty string? KITTY STRING!!?!?? KITTY STRING!??!??!??


Fat, 1.5, and nylon. Mostly in yellow, since as you say it’s the brightest, although the 1.5 and nylon isn’t very bright compared to the poly stuff, which is unfortunate. Orange is also decently bright, but not compared to some brands. I also like the prism packs as the 10 colors are fun if you like matching string to yoyo.


I have orange, yellow, and green kitty normal. The only thing I don’t like is, the orange turns to
a peach type color after a few hours play. They all last long, and hold tension well.

old dog


The reason for the durability is, well look at the prices . 100 pack for AMMO is $60 and X is $50
Kitty is $15


Normal kitty pink color


Normal kitty. I usually buy multi-colored packs so I have a variety. I like how rough they are. I favor crunchier strings and these are just rough enough to keep me interested and they hold up for quite a while as well.

(Steve Brown) #12

Fat Kitty Light Pink is my #1 go to, second being a bundle of Normal Green/Yellow Mix that Hiro sent to the Cleveland YoYo Club. Absolutely love the stuff.


Fat Gold or Cream are my favorites


White nylon. Nuff’ said.

(kclejeune) #15

How do you like 1.5 compared to nylon?


Neon Green Fat Kitty


I like it a lot. Definitely great for whips and the like, as you’d expect. Feels like a thicker, slightly rougher and stiffer nylon, but still slick, not abrasive or overly rough.


Fat in white, pink, or neon yellow


Been playing mostly Fat. Got orange because that’s all they had stock in last time I ordered, but next time around it will be neon yellow or pink.

Need some normal and/or 1.5. I’d go for a “prism pack” but I’m not sure I’ve found one here at YYE (I’ve seen some sort of multicolour pack, but the term “prism” gets used enough that I don’t think it’s the same thing).

While I use Kitty as my “go to” string, I have to admit to having a bit of a thing for trying out all the different boutique and specialty strings. But when it comes to Kitty, it’s been mainly orange fat for me.


Normal Kitty, neon yellow. Some good string right there.