Which Kitty String do you use and coulor?


I prefer normal to fat. For some reason i feel that the fat frays alot faster than the normal. And the thickness of normal gives me mostly perfect binds, while the fat in some yoyos “clog up” in a way.
As for color i go to pink, neon yellow, neon green and sky/baby blue


I like Fat. Right now I’m using a Yellow/Orange mix because there were no yellow in stock. The color combo actually looks really good, though.


I have some yellow 1.5 and some light blue fat. Weird thing is, I didn’t pay for any either of them, I got about 25 1.5 from TylerJones in a trade, and won a 100 pack along with a Trigger for getting second in Sports Ladder at VA States! But yeah, it’s great string, but wears out kind of fast. I usually don’t put it on my high end metals, (I save my boutique string for them) but I put it on my plastics/beaters. I’ve had nylon and normal before, and my favorite is either nylon or 1.5, the nylon in them makes it whip better than plain poly string.


I’ve only used fat and normal, and I like normal more. It doesn’t snag as much. Try JAMS string! they’re great as well, and I think they’re pretty durable too. Modman10’s strings are good, too. They’re a little rough at first, but when they break in they’re pretty durable and are just a good all around string.

For kitty string color, I just got a prism pack.


I use kitty fat for offstring and normal for 1A and I use neon yellow

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Fat white for whenever I play with a bearing.
Would love some Kitty Cotton, Hiro! :wink: