Kitty String


I want to buy kitty string but it’s expensive and there’s so many kinds can any one tell me what’s best for 1a yoyoing also does anyone know what string Even Nago uses and what kind of kitty string Gentry Stein uses and If you have any other strings to recommend please do thanks guys


If you’re new and want something inexpensive that is a good baseline string, I’d recommend Buddha or YYE string.

If you want kitty, I’d go with Fat. It seems to be quite popular.


Not sure about Evan, but Gentry uses Kitty Normal. Pretty much every pro yoyo player are really nice people. If you follow Evan on any social media I’d just send him a message, I’m sure he’ll let you know what he’s using :slight_smile:


I think Even uses kitty tall, because he plays a really long string.


I personally think nylon 1.5 is the best bang for your buck on kitty string.


That is a good one.


Tall fat has my vote.


Nylon is the best IMO


What have you all tried? How does it compare to those others you have tried? (What makes it better basically) :slight_smile: I’ve thought about buying some but have never gotten around to it since I started making a decent amount of my own string now.


I tried normal, nylon and fat. And on my next purchase, I will be buying nylon and fat kitty strings. I don’t know but I just feel like I need 2 types of string in terms of thickness.


Did anyone find Kitty String “Fat” less thick than expected?


A little bit but I think it’s actually perfect thickness. It’s also much softer than regular kitty and lasts longer imo.


I use kitty xl neon yellow but I honestly want thicker


Why thicker? For crazy binds or so it whips faster? You can make “normal” string work well for both of those if it’s made of the right materials yet not get as many snags because they won’t be super thick.


I use very short string so yeah for binds and whips mostly. What other string would you say binds and whips better than kitty xl?


Maybe grippier response? Silicone?


Honestly I would say work on technique more than anything. Unless they are insanely short, you shouldn’t have too many issues with kitty xl. Thats my opinion though. I don’t know of any that are better but I enjoy ape hangers for bind heavy combos. I mainly use some of my own strings though now.


I just think it is good for all of me slacks, like the way it looks, I’ve tried reg, fat, tall, and nylon


Gotcha! Other than height does their seem to be anything different from tall and normal?


If you want thicker, why dont you buy kitty xxl?

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