Kitty String Questions

I have always played thin kitty strings. They were just the first type I got and I kept getting them. I’ve run out of decent strings now and am going to purchase a 100 pack. My problem is which type to get! I read that normal is the most recommended, and that confuses me.

Side-note: I know that it comes down to preference, but I am just looking for a suggestion.


Regular nylon. Will add more info later.

Kitty normal nylon is pretty good. The thickness is somewhere between Kitty thin poly and Kitty normal poly. Whips a little bit better than the polyester Kitty stuff and lasts longer.


Im about to order 500 Kitty strings and does anybody have some opinions on fat Nylon?

That’s a lot of string…


Nylon is fantastic. use that. any fat string is used for beginners or people who really like super tight binds. Plus because it is wider, it creates more friction when it hits the walls of your gap. For this reason, I suggest regular nylon string.
Slim string is good for technical tricks that require long spin times.

I personally hate the Nylon. I much prefer Fat, or Normal Kitty String. Softer, handles tension better (just what I feel) and the Nylon doesn’t whip that much faster.

You’ll see why I’m getting so much in the upcoming week or so…

So some quick Kitty String thoughts:

Normal: Super nice normal string, price is right, plays like a nice normal string, not going to blow anyone away, but will also never stop you from doing anything you’d want. Definitely a great all around or first choice.

Skinny: Quite thin, could see beginners having issue with it when it comes to learning non-standard binds. Really love it for D-bearing throws and other smaller gap throws, and it can be nice for piling up tons of string layers, but not the best all around choice, i use it fairly selectively. Still whips nice, but with less mass it takes a bit more oomph.

Fat: Really fun stuff. Super bright, the bright yellow fat almost looks like it’s glowing it’s so bright. Definitely thick, but not so thick that it’s much of an issue. Only time you might have an issue is when using it with a brand new throw or new pads, then it can be snaggy of course, but on a nicely broken in throw it’s a joy. Seems to last slightly less than the others, but that also might just be because it encounters more friction with the sidewall and response while throwing. Whips great, and feels super soft and nice in the hand.

Nylon: This has been my go-to for a while. It’s sort of around the normal in thickness, maybe even a touch thinner, super soft, especially for nylon, but still whips really well. For the person who has played enough standard poly string and wants something different this is a great choice. Only issue is that the color tends to be much less vibrant on the nylon. White is of course nice and white, but the bright yellow is less bright than the poly strings, still quite yellow and bright, but not going to amaze the way the other stuff will.

Sadly no experience yet with the fat nylon or 1.5 nylon, i’d be curious how the fat nylon plays, since the regular already whips so well i bet it’s a beast for lacerations and hooks. Mainly super excited for the 1.5. Only place i’ve seen it so far is a Japanese shop, and not the big one that ships internationally, but should be at YYE soon from what i’m hearing.

Another string to try if you’re looking for something new is the Something string. I usually send some with throws i sell/trade just because it’s so unique. It’s really heavy, quite rough, and thick, which sounds miserable, and yeah it can be super annoying at first, but after a bit of breaking in it plays amazing, just depends if you’re the type willing to break in string or if you just want to put a new piece on and have consistent play.

I got a throw from Nat w a few of the something strings. I like em a lot. Thick without be to thick. I’ve been having trouble w the reverse flip over bind and have it down with no problem now. It does give me a lil trouble on cold fusion with the double wrap 1 1/2 mount.