Kitty String

I want to hear your guys’ opinions between these strings:
Normal kitty
Fat kitty
Nylon kitty
Fat Nylon kitty

I am looking into getting a couple new strings, but I don’t like the thinness to the normal kitty string. How fat is the Fat string, and what are the major differences between nylon and polyester?

Thank you!

Brandon Merrill

Nylon is whippier. Slacks and whips are easy but it is not quite as soft. I personally use fat kitties for their softness. They are softer than normal kitty but I don’t see any huge difference in whips.

out of those I prefer fat kitty, binds nicest imo, soft, and great bounce. I think nylon has less bounce and the nylon kitty gives string burns sometimes, I don’t like them.

Fat kitty is soft and light, so that is what I prefer. It doesn’t just cover whips or normal string tricks, but covers the whole territory. They (repliers) already covered what most of the strings offer, I’m just leaving you with MY thought.

You’ll make the right choice!

You probably do not what to hear this but here goes:

How a string plays is mostly a matter of PERSONAL opinion. SO I suggest you spent $14 plus shipping buy all four and have a good time. Then let us know how you made out.

Yeah but he was asking for opinions and a comparison between them which can be easily answered without him buying all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Kitty - good string, plays like a good string should, not gimmicky. Downside is it doesn’t last very long, but that’s expected from cheap bulk strings.

Fat Kitty - same as regular, difference in thickness is very minute and you won’t see the difference simply by looking at it. When you put it on the yoyo it will be a little grippier and tighter binds than regular kitty. Very tiny increase in whips, not really noticeable unless your really compare side to side.

Nylon - Superior to regular kitty in every way except softness. Noticeably better whips, slacks, and longevity. Not as soft, stiffer, slick feel.

Fat Nylon - Again, not a noticeable difference in thickness but you’ll probably be able to tell when you do binds. Whips a tad better then regular nylon.

Another thing to mention. Regular kitty is much brighter then nylon kitty

If your looking for a good, soft and slightly whippy string, go with the fat kitty. Plus, it’s great for tight binds and won’t slip when binding with a wider gapped yoyo compared to normal or slim kitty.