Poly string vs. Nylon

Hello everyone!

I was just about to order some new Kitty 100% Poly, but came across Nylon.

Is one better than the other? I always use Poly string, but Nylon sounded night as well. Seems like it lasts longer and it good for kicking out loops for rejection tricks.

Whats everyone’s take on comparing these two types of string?

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I personally love Poly and while I personally have never tried Nylon, I’ve heard that Poly is better.

Never played kitty nylon, but I make nylon string so I kind of know. Nylon is rough, think toxic dragon filled with glass. Well, maybe not. However, it is very unforgiving and will string burn you in an instant if you play fast. It’s really hard to describe how the nylon roughness feels. I don’t mind it, because I play slow. It’s a unique roughness though. You’ll just have to play nylon and decide for yourself, I can’t describe how nylon feels.

The appeal to nylon is that it’s heavy. This means that you can make very whippy string, while keeping it thin. Nylon is also kind of slippery and very slick, so people who like a little bit of slip in their response will like nylon. Nylon also holds it tension relatively well. It’s really all preference that decides if you’ll like nylon.

Do you play slow enough to avoid string burn?
Do you like whips and slacks?
Pick nylon.

Do you play fast without a glove?
Don’t pick nylon.

Nylon 1.5 is pretty good. Better then kitty poly normal In many ways.

I prefer a poly-nylon mixed together like chaos string was known for. Best of both worlds!

I recently tried Kitty nylon 1.5 for the first time, and was quite surprised that I couldn’t distinguish much difference between it and normal kitty poly. I’ve had some other nylon in the past that were extremely stiff and kinda rough feeling, but the kitty nylon feels the exact same as the poly to me.

I also don’t notice any improved ability to whip kitty nylon vs. poly. In fact I find kitty XL poly easier to whip due to it’s weight than the nylon 1.5.

I’m quite a fan of kitty nylon, it whips well and feels good.

Get the yellow though, not the white. It lasts longer.

I use nylon as I find it whips better.
Kittys not expensive, buy each and make your own mind up. :slight_smile:

I usually use fat kitty but I always keep some nylon. I do play fast without gloves so string burn is an issue if I use nylon. However if I’m practicing whips I almost always use nylon. But I’d pick up some nylon to try although I prefer kitty fat.

Ok people, I ordered Kitty Fat string 100% poly. I love poly and might try nylon one day. I usually use Kitty normal, but Fat sounds like it will help with getting a nice loop shape for certain tricks where your going to reject the string and hook the yoyo. I’m sure it won’t seem too different, just a little more stiff which is what I want.

Thanks everyone for your input! :grinning::+1:t2: