nylon/kevlar string?

who has used either and what do you think of them? im thinking of getting a 10 pack of either type depending on what you guys think of them.

havent tried nylon, but i bought a pack of general yo kevlars when they were available. i normally use yye 100% polys and would reccomend those for boh favorable price and performance tbh…

the kevlars are slightly stiffer with less of the ‘new string bounce’ (as some describe it (no where as stiff as toxics though)), and will remain tha tway for the life of the string… of course they last problay 2-3 times longer than standard 50/50 or 100%, but for the price you could change out 5 cheap ones for the cost of one kevlar…

i did however tie a kevlar string/bracelet on my girlfreinds wrist and it didnt fray for over 10 months… j/s

nylon is a bit stiffer than poly and whips a lot faster.

I bought some Kitty nylon a while back and they’ve lasted me a long time. I’m finally about to run out. They were fine, but nothing to write home about.
I honestly think I like normal kitty more.
I’m also from the school of thought that any string will make a yoyo spin, and the length matters more than the material. (but for what it’s worth I’m not very good at whips and slacks)