Kevlar or nylon string?


Is kevlar string or nylon worth buying? im thinking about buying some but i like slick string, is it right for me?


Not really. I’ve tried both and won’t ever buy them. You may like them and some people do but most don’t.


The kevlar string is thick and not quite as limp as regular poly. Definitely not a slick string. I wasn’t particularly a fan although it does last way longer without fraying.


Kevlar and pure nylon, I would personally skip. They whip, slack, suicide, and hold tension well, but they they tend to bunch up against themselves. By that I mean string segments don’t slide past one another well, they catch on each other.

I would definitely suggest trying a nylon poly blend like twisted stringz type a1. It maintains all the positives while allowing string segments to slide past each other without bunching. It’s all I use anymore.




Kitty String nylon is super soft, cheap, and plays awesome.


I just got some neon kitty nylon strings. I must say i like then a lot. They perform just as good as other kitty strings but they last much ,much longer. The color of them isnt like a straight neon either, its like a creamy off white neon which is interesting.