Any string makers out there?

Has anyone worked with Kevlar in their strings? Tried to twist up some today and I cant keep it from fraying, leaving bumps all along the string. I tried to get a close up to show it vs the normal strings I make. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Kevlar is the yellow Normal string

how does it play on the yoyo

It plays fairly smooth, the Kevlar itself is rigid though so it doesn’t lend well for whips. That being said it is definitely not as smooth as the full poly strings. Admittedly the aesthetics are probably the larger issue, because it is for sure performs well enough for anything I can do with it.

i would stick with full polly because im sure Kevlar is not cheap eather and u want the best out your string especially if its expensive

Appreciate the opinion, but more interested in find a way to work with it rather than throw in the towel.

No experience with kevlar string but know a tiny bit about kevlar cloth. It tends to fray and fuzz quite easily. If you have a kevlar canoe that you want to refinish it will fuzz up quickly if you sand into the cloth and it’s hard to get rid of the fuzz. That may be the same effect that you see with your string.

In your experience is there a way to, for lack of a better term, seal the kevlar to prevent that or is just the nature of the beast?

The fuzz is hard to get rid of. On a canoe the refinishing method is to apply a resin coat over the cloth. If it’s been fuzzed the fuzz will show through the resin, and if you try to sand it after the resin sets it will just fuzz more. The only cure in this case is to apply a thicker coat of resin to try to cover it. Of course that doesn’t help you with the string issue. I think it’s the nature of the beast as you say.

I tried kevlar and it always frayed easily. Great tensile strength (not needed for yoyos)

Nylon is very durable, and has proven to work very well for me for stronger string (and ive never broken one in 12 years since i started making it)

What do you think about the weight though? especially compared to nylon, is there any benefit of using kevlar?