Kevlar String!?!?!

has anyone bought this kevlar string. i understand its supposed to be strong but how is the tension, does it tighten up real fast or does it keep its loose tension. if anyone has used this string could you let me know.

I love Kevlar string!

It is long-lasting and holds the twist (tension) very well. I have been using the same string on my ILYY E1NS for three weeks. It still performs like new. One thing that I love about it is that it has some friction at the finger-loop. One of the most annoying things to me is having the finger-loop constantly slipping and moving around on the throw. This is particularly a problem for 100% poly. The Kevlar, has just the right amount of friction on the skin to make the knot want to tighten around your finger instead of just slipping and rotating around on the finger (i HATE that!!).

I will say, that you do want to keep an eye on the string-tension. Because the Kevlar seems to have a higher coefficient of friction - the string tends to catch a bit quicker than poly when the string is under tension. The same thing will happen with any string - just a bit sooner with the Kevlar if you do not de-tension the string as you play. Not a problem - just need to watch it.

When it gets grimy and dirty - put it in the pocket of a pair of pants and throw it in the washing machine.

I would urge all to try a package if you are so inclined. I find that it is well-worth the extra money.

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I think is putting some out. Hogwhip Fat(Type 12)