Kevlar/Poly string issue

What am I doing wrong with this Kevlar/Poly string? I cannot get a tight wind at all. I can wind it up and simply pull the string right out of the yo-yo. The throw hardly gets it spinning. Does it not work on totally non-responsive yo-yo’s? I hate to think I just spent $2 a string on something that I can’t use… ???

its not the string, most likely its the response in your yoyo. Ive been using kevlar string for a while, and I havent had a single problem with it

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Make sure the response system in your yoyo is good. It’s possible you’re missing a pad or something.

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Thanks for the feedback. I am assuming that since both replies mention response, that I need to be using a responsive yo-yo with this string? At least semi-responsive? It works so well with my regular string. Oh well, I will keep working on it. Thanks again!

One last thing concerning this string. Is there a trick in getting the loop open in the end to actually get it around the axle?? I got it, somehow, earlier and now I can’t get it open again. Is it simply twisted or is it braided somehow??

check the response system. unresponsive yoyos have response systems. makes sure its in check

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I was just saying check your pads, silicone, stickers, etc. because if your response is dead then your string will slip.

I’m not completely understanding your question, but if you’re trying to slip the string on the yoyo without unscrewing it… pinch a few inches from the tip of the string and twist so the threads sort of untwist themselves and open up. You should be able to slip it over.

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Thanks! Very helpful info. I think I got it working. That kevlar string is harder to get open at the end than regular string. I thought maybe it was wound differently. I did not want to tear it. :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t put the string around the axle. Put it on the bearing. And, like everyone else was saying, check your response. It may be worn and in need of change. Without response, string will slip. Kevlar string can be used with any yoyo. And yeah, Kevlar sting is tough to open, but lasts so long. :slight_smile:

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Let us know how that breaks in. I originally thought might be the problem. I’ve never felt Kevlar string though. I’d also like to know how long it lasts.

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I can tell you from experience that I’ve gotten it to last more than a month with a few hours of play each day

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I should have said bearing, instead of axle. Now the thing that is going to bother me about this string is that it seems to act up whenever it gets some slack. Sort of like when a normal string gets wound up during play and tries to clump up whenever there is slack. I think some call it spaghetti string… Anyway, I am noticing that the kevlar string does this quite a bit. You spend a lot of time trying to get the string back to a ‘neutral’ tension to keep the string from doing odd things if given the chance.

Anyway, thanks to all for all the information given over this issue. You are all very helpful and though I am fairly new to all this, I am seeing some really time saving information on this forum. :slight_smile:

BUllet proof string???

I also noticed that it does not hold its’ tension as well as other “premium” string. It is a great sring for throws with aggresive blasting or really heavy ones. I’ve always loved the term spaghetti string.