Kevlar string questions

I just got a huge spool of Kevlar (or what is labeled as 100% Para-Aramid, flame resistant stuff) thread, about 4000 yards (was given to me :slight_smile: ). After twisting some new string yesterday and giving it a try, I noticed that it felt a little slippy and I wasn’t getting tight binds. Since I’ve never used Kevlar before I’m not quite sure what to expect. What I am making is all 100% Kevlar string. I noticed it is also quite stiffer than my normal 100% poly string. Does the Kevlar eventually loosen up after using it for a while? And will I continue to experience these slippy binds using it? One positive is that it doesn’t feel like it’s going to slip off my finger when I throw.

I’ve used kevlar string in the past and eventually it does break in. I am not sure what kind of stock you are using but I would think that it would break in as it is played. Kevlar string in general is stiffer so when spun it will definitely get stiffer with each additional strand added to the final product.

Not sure where it says it on my spool. Besides the yardage it mentions, the only other numbers read TEX50.

One thing I did notice is that it also really depends on my response system. On one of the yoyos I siliconed, it grips pretty good. On my YYFs with the CBC pads and some other throws I have (like my Littles) it slips. I’ll try just breaking it in on one of my yoyos that has a better bite…and if all else fails, I’ll probably throw it in with my laundry (probably stuff it in a sock or something) and see if fabric softener fluffs it out and softens it.

The Littles uses a plastic/rubber kind of pad. I find it doesn’t grip too well after a while. On top of that, in my experience, they aren’t even stuck in with an adhesive, just kinda put in there and “hope for the best”. They kept slipping out of the response recess and finally I had enough of that. I siliconed that, my Miracle and Magic Pear Ball. MUCH better now. Not to rag on “pure Chinese yoyos”, but I find the responses in them are often sub-standard. A slightly softer material will grip better. However, the responses in my Magic yoyos are pretty darn good and I see no need to change them at the moment.

I’m going to take that in consideration. I just removed the pads from the Littles and siliconed it. I’m curious as to how long the Kevlar will last in the Littles as I’ve had moments where the sharp-ish recess has sliced right through my poly string. It’s one of those yoyos that’s a must that you use a concave bearing in it.