kevlar strings.


can someone tell me about these strings? ??? i see general-yo makes them and possibly a few other makers, but i dont happen to see any for sale anywhere, so that leads me to my next question where can i find some for sale? or does anyone have some they might be willing to part with that i can try out until i’m able to find some for sale.

thanks for any help and insight you might be able to offer.


I’m pretty sure they aren’t being made anymore. Plus, being strings, it’s most likely that people have used them. They aren’t like yoyos, where even if they’re used, you can trade them and stuff. Maybe you’ll get lucky and someone will have some…


They have them on the twisted strings website.


can you link me as i cannot find the site via google.


actually i found there site but it is hard to navigate for buying the kevlar as there isnt any info other then price, no color options and no quantity for the $8.99 price im guessing is a 10 but i have no idea what colors are offered.


If you’re buying from Twisted directly, you will need to pick your colours. The one that came in my sample pack had a bright beautiful mix of… orange, yellow and red?

It’s a very interesting string. Very stiff, a bit rough. Slides against itself very well for multi-layered tricks, but is sort of middle-of-the-road when it comes to sliding against your skin. It’s not the most string-burn inducing string I’ve ever tried, but it’s not without a bit of friction on your skin.

I really like this string. Will probably get more at some point.


I got Kevlar ham string from a store a little bit ago


thanks i will have some coming from General-yo i believe and i did pick some up from twisted stringz direct i got ahold of Jen and she walked me through the process and i ended up picking up a few different types.

i really appreciate the ability to get custom strings in my colors of choice, she told me she had almost any color i could imagine and she wasnt lying with over 150 colors in stock.

i will do a thorough review of all the strings i have coming in once they land :).


Jen is Awesome! She is always willing to help me out, What a Great Company!

(CaribouNick) #10

Just a gimmicky thing.
Had some a long time ago, IMO totally jank.

Very rough to start, takes way too long to break in; by the time they break in, string tension is pretty nasty.

I guess it’ll last almost forever? I don’t know if I want any string to last more than a few hours of play. All the dead skin that gets into the string is less than hygienic for my preference.


i appreciate the input! i will see i have some on the way (2 to 3 week turn around) and i can see what you are saying and think that i may tend to agree with the consensus (having read a few other threads and gotten some pms from others commenting on their dislike for kevlar strings.)

thanks for stopping by CaribouNick!


One input is not a censensus. :wink: Just being pedantic…

I know at least one other yoyoer who enjoys playing them. Now, I’m not saying they’re my ultimate string on every single yoyo or all the time, but they have open loops in a way that most strings do not. I’m finding I enjoy a “rougher” string lately because that usually also implies stiffness.

Or more accurately, I’m enjoying a stiff string lately, but the tradeoff is they tend to be a bit rough. Like the Twisted kevlars. :smiley:


oops misspoke not your consensus but the consensus as there were a handful of others that pm’d me as well saying very similar things about the kevlar making it a consensus in my mind. and there are a few other threads on here that say similar things.

but i’m glad to hear that there are some that go against the grain and like them, but in a few weeks i will have them and do a review and see if i agree with the dislike or fall in with the like category.

i will make sure to do an indepth review and really try to go at it with a non biased tilt so that it will showcase the goods, bads, and the ugly.


As well as the open-loops, the stiffness of the string makes knot removal much easier too.

Kevlar string can be easily washed. Just put it in the pocket of a pair of jeans that you are putting into the laundry. Good as new.

While not my everyday string (who could afford that anyway?), Kevlar does have its uses.