Kevlar String?

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I’m looking for/want to know about Kevlar yoyo string.

I’ve heard good and bad; some people say it lasts FOREVER, while others say it will eat itself if not mixed with poly string.

I kinda want to get some to try it out but nobody seems to currently sell it.(yes Twistedstrings used to sell it but I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere)

Any reviews/opinions/info would be much apreciated.
Thanks. ;D


I believe the only Kevlar string that has been commercially available on a significant scale is not 100% Kevlar. I have used the only two types I have been able to find, one is made by Twisted Stringz, and one by General-yo. I believe the latter is no longer made. The Twisted Stringz variety are I think 33% Kevlar and the rest poly. They are a relatively coarse string, but are not plastic-like in feel like much pure poly. They break down very slowly in a manner very similar to regular string, becoming slightly frayed throughout the length of the string. However, I have not noticed any real degradation in play or binding once this occurs. Typically something like Kitty string goes rapidly from fraying throughout, to losing any kind of bounce and then not binding as reliably. Soon after this one becomes concerned these types of strings will snap. None such concerns exist for Kevlar strings. They can be used ad infinitum. Although considerably more expensive than regular poly strings they are well worth trying at the very least.

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If anyone knows where to buy some kevlar strings please PM me!


Seconding what slowyojoe was describing. I really like the stiff feel of the Twisted kevlar string. They were selling some glow kevlar within the last month.


Yeah, Twisted stringz Kevlar are still available

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Cool. Gonna have to get myself some! ;D


I have some extra General-Yo Kevlar…