Kevlar string suppliers

Hey all,

So with all the budding new string makers that have sprung up lately, does anyone know a company other than Twisted Stringz that currently produce Kevlar threaded string? I know that General Yo made some but it is both sold out, and only dark. My favorite two strings are the Twisted Stringz Kevlar and Quickie Silver’s Type 13x. I don’t mind buying more Kevlar from Twisted Stringz, but I’d love to try similar Kevlar strings from other places.

Best wishes,


Twisted Stringz sells Kevlar string?
Where have I been?
what’s its called?!?!?!
and im sorry, I only know of General yo that makes Kevlar.

They’re originally entitled Kevlar. They are wicked good. And they last for forever and a day. I’d love to find other manufacturers that can include Kevlar: it seems to give a really strong feel to the string, particularly when a little thick, but after a break in period they don’t have that plasticy feel that some strings do. I think they’re aces. But if no one else makes them… :frowning:

General Yo sells them still I think