Kitty string types Thoughts

I was Thinking of getting some kitty string. But i am not sure what kind of kitty would be the best. I want it to be great at slacks and whips and lasts a long time and not to rough

Well Nylon is pretty soft and good for slacks/whips

You could also try 1.5 which is a blend of Nylon and polyester

But the best way to find the string thats best for you is to pick a few different kinds that you would like to try and then buy a ten pack of each

Hope this helped

i have tried normal but i like the feel but i really want to know how fat kitty feels compared to normal kitty.

Sorry should have thought more before i posted

The fat kitty definitely feels more softer and you can really tell when the string has worn down, there is more of a, for lack of a better word, range. I use fat kitty on yoyos which have larger gaps so that there is less effort to bind thus being a better yoyoing experience!
Try it, just buy a packet of 10, I actually regret buying so many packs of normal kitty string without trying fat LOL

How would it work in a yoyo with a 4mm gap yoyo

I think you’d like Fat Nylon. Soft, great at slacks and whips. The extra thickness will make binds and trick binds easier, better at whips, and a little softer than regular nylon kitty.