Any Cool yoyo strings out there?

So I need to buy another hundread pack of string. I’m thinking of trying kitty string fat nylon because I really liked there nylon but it seemed pretty slim so I would like something a little thicker and softer. I really enjoyed Croco strings Fantasy Cords But they were thick then I would like. So I would prefer something thicker than normal kitty and thinner than Croco strings and I would prefer if it was nylon (I love nylon string) But if its polyester that’s ok as long as it whips nicely. I prefer stuff that whips kinda slow so that it looks cool when I film it in slo-motion.

I hope I gave you enough info on my preferences. Thanks Guys.

Edit. Oh and I forgot too mention I want the colors too bee bright and not fade so easily because the colors on kitty string are like perfect but they fade really fast and I like my string to show up good in videos.

Sounds like you’ll like Kitty String Nylon 1.5 - Hybrid poly/nylon that’s a little thicker than reg Kitty String and great for whips.

Definitely kitty 1.5 nylon, kitty nylon fat disappointed me because i tried it after 1.5 . NOTE: Only get it in white the yellow colour is very poor because nylon isnt dyed

^Ok I’ll definatly look into kitty 1.5 Too bad it doesn’t come in ten packs though

It does tho

Wait it does? Ot didn’t the last time I checked but thats awesome!

Yeah it does, there isn’t it separate page for it though it’s in the colour options