Any Kitty 1.5 reviews/thoughts?

I’ve reached that horrible point in every yoyo player’s life…the point where he runs out of his favorite string and is left stealing half used strings from other yoyos when he needs to change string on one of his main throws. I know I’m going to pick up some Venom but in all these years I’ve yet to find a bulk string that I liked, however Kitty 1.5 intrigues me. Anyone out there gotten a decent amount of play on it? Mostly interested in its longevity, softness, ability to hold tension and whip/slack/suicide

It feels the same as regulars except with some nylon in it. It feels virtually the same

I love it. To me it feels like its in between fat kitty and normal but whips slightly faster.

If your looking for A string that Slacks and whips nicely Kitty nylon is really good the 1.5 is ok but I Prefere the full nylon but everyone is different

Firstly, kitty 1,5 are 100% nylon, no poly in them.

I prefer it to both kitty Standard and Fat. It’s little more rough on surface, but it keeps its texture longer than other kitty(they feel slippery after short time). And It’s great for slacks and whips. My string of choice for contests.

Also it’s main string that Petr Kavka use.

No 1.5 is have poly half nylon

Go to this link and youll see

I think ur a little mixed up.

Nylon is more rough than polyester.

Dang wish you’d posted this a few days ago and i would have sent you some. I quite like it. It’s thicker and whippier than either Kitty nylon or normal. Bit rougher, but still far from rough, only downside imo is that it’s not very bright, similar to the yellow nylon. It starts off only mildly bright, and after some play gets quite drab, sometimes in moderately low light i can’t tell if it’s white or yellow. Also should add i wash my hands obsessively before picking up a yoyo, so it’s not like i’m a dirty person lol. It’s one of those things that’s only real obvious when it’s next to something like YYSL Type X or another real vibrant string, and i probably made it sound more severe than it is. Have you tried the Something string? It’s real unique feeling for bulk. Quite rough at first, but thick, bright, and whips great and settles in quick. It’s pre-tied, but way too long for my preferences so i cut it anyway.

I’ve actually been meaning to post this for a few days too, oops. From what everyone’s said it sounds like I’ll like it anyway, I think I’ll give it a whirl with my next order. The brightness shouldn’t be a problem for me since I was just going to get white anyway ;D

Haven’t tried the something string yet, I’m honestly not really in the know on what string is even out there these days, there is probably a ton of great stuff out there to try. From like 2011 to 4 months ago I was just using up all my YYSL type X and recently started using Venom and loving it so I didn’t really see a reason to branch out. Now that I’ve run out seems like a decent time to try a new bulk string.

Yes, that’s exactly what I sad.

NathanC: My problem with something is that they feel too thick and that some are pre-tied to my ideal legth, but many are shorter or longer.

Gotcha sorry sounded like u said the opposite!