Has anybody tried the Kitty String 1.5


I have very sweaty hands and live in a very humid area, so 100% poly or cotton/poly blends are pretty much done after about 30 minutes of throwing. Chaos 422 seem to last much longer and I like the feel of the poly/nylon blend. The problem is they are expensive and harder to find. I saw the Kitty 1.5 were a nylon/poly blend, and was wondering if they had a similar feel to the Chaos 422 blend. Has anybody tried them?


I’d be curious to hear some more about the 1.5, too.

The Twisted Stringz Mojo is a nylon/poly blend that I’m really enjoying right now. Will see how long it lasts and still feels “fresh” (simply surviving ain’t enough!) before I start full-on recommending it, but so far so good.

(2Sick Joey) #3

1.5 are the best kitty strings IMO. I love kitty nylon and these are just as good but a tad thicker which I like better. It’s amazing stuff and I definitely suggest getting some.


I like it. Plays pretty much like you’d expect. A thicker, heavier Kitty String with that nylon slickness. Seems to last a while as well. It’s good stuff.


I liked it too. I feel like the Nylon in it keeps it from fraying up like normal Kitty String.


Yeah, it’s pretty good string. Lasts long, and whips pretty well. It’s thicker than normal Kitty, which I like, and helps with slacks, and it’s slicker too.


It is definitely a good string for the price. It whips well enough to do most types of whips, the tension control is about average compared to other budget strings, and it has some slickness to it. They don’t seem to last too long in my opinion, but I mostly use Toxic BG1 Yellow Jackets or Toxic Snakes and you shouldn’t really use those as a comparison for how long Kitty 1.5 lasts.


I use regular kitty all the time and never tried other kinds of kitties so would you think 1.5 kitties are good for me because I was considering it.
can you describe the differences or regular and the 1.5 ones :slight_smile:


I really really really don’t like 1.5 Kitty, they wear out super fast, can’t handle tension at all and they feel rough. I always use regular Kitty, bought these thinking i’d get the overall feel i love from the regular Kitty plus the extra stiffness, but i was really disappointed. I gave a few to some friends and they find it OK.