All the New Kitty's!!! Help? haha

(UmeNagisa) #1

Alright! So I haven’t made a post on here for soo long!
I just need to know, how all these new Kitty’s (Kitties?) fare!

I’m really looking at 1.5, Fat Nylon, and XL.
The 1.5 seems really promising, as Poly Nylon is my all time favorite blend.
Fat Nylon is also really looking at me hard, as I dig the whippy-ness, of Nylon as well as the smooth feel. But with regular Nylon Kitty it just was too thin and seem to cut my fingers!
And XL. I want to know, how thick is it? Ammo thick? Toxic thick? If you have played BYYS. Fat chicks or Type 1 thick?

Hmm. I’m really just wanted to get all 3, but I just want to get 1 100 pack, vs 3 sampler then test them all, then a 100 of my favorite.

(2Sick Joey) #2

I just bought a pack of Kitty XL and they aren’t bad at all…I feel like all kitty play the same personally but Fat is where its at.


I bought a 100 pack of 1.5 about half a year or so ago. I’ve used about 20 of them. Not because they’re long lasting, but because I don’t like them. Not wound tight enough to bind properly, slack really weirdly.

(UmeNagisa) #4

Now the Debate will be between the other 3, as 1.5’s are out! Sorry Iwasawa! haha :slight_smile:


I just ordered some xl’s and Fat Nylon’s. I’ll give my opinion once I get some good playtime with them.


I can send you some 1.5s for free if you want to try them out and not just take my word for it. I don’t use them.

(UmeNagisa) #7

Would you really? :slight_smile: You’re Sean T on FB right?

And thanks Dr. Awesome!


1.5 is my favorite all-purpose kitty string. It works well with almost any throw. Though I do prefer fat or normal with some of my YoYos.


So I’ve thrown both the XL and Fat Nylon for the past couple of days now and I have to say they are both great strings.

The XL is very soft and comfortable. It seems a little cumbersome though, but if you like less whippy slack tricks it’s great. The color is great and visibility is insane. It sadly doesn’t feel like anything special. I haven’t played ammo, but I have played type x. It’s a good but thicker than that, and is noticeably thicker than normal fat kitty.

The Fat Nylon is my favorite. It feels really smooth and whippy. The color is not very good though.

I have to say my perfect string would be the feel and play from the nylon, with the color and visibility from the XL. If I were you I would go for the Fat Nylon. It has a unique feel that makes it great.

note I got both of my strings in yellow. The Orange on the nylon may be really bright, but the yellow was not.


I really like 1,5. It last pretty long, and it plays,very smooth for me.


I have a hundred pack of 1.5 they are too stiff for me though… I like softer string like fat kitty.

(UmeNagisa) #12

Ohhh, I better get on these 2 then :slight_smile:
Sound like winners to me!


Hmm thats odd. Its been a while since I’ve played any but a recall them playing a fat kitty but slightly thinner, a tad rougher and whips better.


They both definitely deserve a try.