what do you think about kitty string?


topic says it all. am thinking of buying some vs the normal 100 pack of cotton strings that i usually buy


I’ve heard good stuff about it. I order string every time I place a YYE order anyways, and we’re only talking a few dollars difference, so chances are in favor of me ordering some.

You usually use cotton string? Really? Just curious why.


i ment to say polyester. my bad. lol.


Im on the market for some new string as well. Ideally i would like to try everything once…so i get pick what suits me best. But with so many, i dont know where to start. I noticed the kitty string tho. I think im going to get 100 pack of the nylon string to see what thats like.

Unless people wouldnt recommend nylon.



I love normal kitty string. I just bought 400 from here. :slight_smile:



Dont like it at all prefer Twisted Stringz


same. i was going to try the nylon string to see the difference between that and the poly strings


I love Kitty String. It’s softer than regular poly and tends to last quite a bit longer for me. Give it a try. Like Studio42 said, it’s only a couple bucks’ difference, so you really don’t have much to lose. And if you really don’t end up liking them, I’ll gladly take them off your hands (depending on your color choice).

Oh, and in regards to nylon, I haven’t tried Kitty nylons, but in general the nylon string I’ve tried from other companies just doesn’t do it for me. It was great for me when I was first learning whips and slacks because they tend to whip extremely fast, but as I advanced I began to dislike the feel and the general “behavior” of the slack maneuvers. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I feel like when using nylon and other types of heavier string, it almost seems like the string loops try and outrun themselves during suicide and slack moves, which makes a really ugly loop and can be tough to keep up with. Another thing which I consider a downside is that nylon tends to be pretty rough with almost a plastic-type feel, which again is something I used to like but grew out of.

But hey, the key thing to remember as always is that my preferences aren’t your preferences. If you’d really like to try the nylons, don’t let my experiences get in your way with that.


Well, when I buy string I usually go for the cheap polyester yye stuff. But every once in a great while, I will splurge on homemade string, kitty string etc. but I have found I really like any string that is polyester. Now this is mostly my preference because i dont tend to do many whip tricks.
Although I am also aware that many people like certain string because of the tricks they like to do. Of course, I don’t know what kind you do but you can research homemade stringmakers on this site for the density etc. If you say what tricks you prefer I could probably suggest some string.
All things considered yes Kitty-String will probably be a better choice. This will also be good because it will help you decide what kind you like, whether you like cheap stuff, or high end stuff.
Hope I helped!


Well i had a pack of neon nylon kitty string in my kart and they sold out. They still have white, but i really dont like white string lol. Id rather wait till a restock and pay for what i want.

Im thinking of getting the fat string tho. Again im really just looking for different strings, so i dont just want to get standard string.



What kind of setup are you using on your yoyos? I’d recommend the Fat type strings for yoyos using extremely wide gap settings (YYF), KonKave bearings, or a combination of both. I play Fat in all my YYRs for this reason. It gives you a little heft to speed up the whips just a little bit, and it’s not as thick as something like Ham String so it’s still manageable, albeit a little bit snaggy on thin-gapped flat bearing setups.


I just bought 100 nylon strings. Normally use YYE Polyester. So I guess I’ll see how it is.


Kitty string is what I use now and chaos string is a close second but the kitty string is just my prefrence, I love my kitty string (slim) and can’t wait to try the normal thickness and some of their soft nylon on monday.


i generally dont like thick string, but i like something that can maintain good tension. i was thinking of trying the nylon but i decided i should go ahead and learn slacks with string that isnt fabricated specifically for slacks.

so yeah. i just ordered a 100 pack of normal kitty string. hope its something i like :slight_smile:


Cool. Let us know how you like it after you get some play time in with it!