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I went for a large volume of Kitty (fat and normal), which can handle anything you want to throw at it. From there, I bought 10-packs of different strings here and there to try to discover which of the “boutique” strings I liked best.

What I’m saying is: don’t invest too heavily in specialized strings all at once. Try a few here, a few there. And in the meantime you can’t go wrong getting some Kitty in larger volume.

Grab a five pack of Epci Strings!

Crocostrings fantasy chords sound pretty good for what you want to do (slack, tech). If you’re interested, PM me!

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Well If you want bulk string you can get a hundread pack of kitty string Nylon (Sold here at YYE)
For only $16

It slacks good it whips good and its cheap I really like it

Some Lites would be good for what you want. They are soft, whippy, and keep their tension well. Check my BST or PM me.

so like kitty 1.5

Love how all string makers jumped on this post lol is say try a sample pack from a few boutique string makers and decide what u want.


IKR! But know i would just sound lame saying something about my string… So i will let it speak for itself, PM me your address and i will send you a sample.

You are a true business man!

I respect you. Haha

Before I discovered this forum I bought 100 pack of Snakebite Polyester strings from Ebay. I liked them.

Then I found out about Fat Kitty nylon strings. Bought 100 of those. Now I have 80 polyester strings I will probably never use. The Fat Kitty helped my yoyoing get better instantly! I am sold on Nylon strings.

Take that with a grain of salt since I am a noob. ::slight_smile:


For me any polyester string works pretty good. It keeps tension for a while.

What about yoyo string lab stuff? I heard they make really good string.

I have some YYSL Ammo and it plays good. Although it is kind of too bouncy for me, but the stuff is good.

Try standard toxic strings.

Or if you want a cheaper string you can get in bulk for cheap try Kitty Fat Nylon

I have tried several strings and so far and I like Kitty and String Shack the best, but, I have so many more to try.

YYSL Type X is pretty cool. I would try some Venom but i still have like 30 Type X’s that I need to burn through first

Any other recomendations?