Have anyone tried YoyoExpert Polyester Strings?

Have anyone tried the YoyoExpert Polyester Strings and how does it hold up with the Kitty String version? I find the YoyoExpert one cheaper so if it ends up being up par to the Kitty String, I’ll probably get some neon yellow since Kitty String’s polyester Neon Yellow is out of stock.

I have both in my hands right now and right out of the box or bag, kitty feels SO much better. However, as you play with it more, the YYE strings become much softer and less abrasive. YYE string require more break in time while kitty strings seem to perform much better out of the box.
you get what you pay for but i love both

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Thanks mate, I will be testing out the YYE string 5 pack out to see for myself. I also will be getting a 100 pack Kitty String Neon Green since I have tried these and they are awesome. If the YYE string holds up to my standards, I will be saving a lot of money on strings once my Kitty Strings run out. I change my strings daily.

It feels similar to kitty string
It’s just very short
(The loops are already tied)
With kitty, you can tie it to your own length

I prefer Kitty Fat so have my reservations there but it plays similar without being as soft is what I remember from using it and also as someone said, it isn’t as long as Kitty.

Honestly, don’t really see all the fuss about the loop already being there; just do the double-knot thing and it adjusts itself to the diameter of your finger :confused:

I have bought many YYE string the best way to describe them would be… “Simply amazing”!!

honestly I love them!!

The 5x YYE Polyester strings came today. I wouldn’t say it’s at the quality of Kitty Strings, but it’s GOOD ENOUGH. I am going to eventually buy this string in a 100 bulk and use it not because of pricing, but one thing sold me this, it’s the pre-tied knot that is the perfect length.

I bought a 50 pack for my club. Those don’t actually come pretied…
And I feel that YYE string has a looser tension than Kitty. That makes the individual strands more feelable, and thus rougher.