What brand of string.


Kitty string or expert string?


Yes. One of those.

If you need longer, Kitty. Kitty also seems to last a little bit longer. By longer, I mean, I can get 2 hours of hard play out of YYE bulk, and maybe 3 hours out of Kitty String bulk for 100% polyester type 6. I don’t think Kitty is pre-tied.

YYE stock works perfect for me. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Both are good and affordable. Kitty costs a bit more. I think Kitty string is like $3 more for 100 strings.


I just bought a bundle of kitty string online, and am sadly disappointed. No matter how much I stretch it out, it becomes extremely twisted if I so much as glance at it the wrong way. After just a couple of throws, kitty string will become twisted to the point that my lovely, usually-unresponsive yoyo will shoot back to my hand with the flick of my wrist. This completely undermines the objective, right? Stay away from kitty string is my advice.


I’ve never had this twisting problem you’re experiencing with Kitty strings. Mine always behave as a good poly 6 should.


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Kitty strings are good quality strings. I know, as I’ve played a few. They are wound more than bulk strings. This causes better slack, more bounce and more weight to the string. I believe that the problem you are experiencing is from the bearing or response, not the string.


I had a pack of pure nylon kitty string and it was terrible with tension. Lots of twisting on itself after just a throw out two.

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Did you get the nylon by mistake? I love regular kitty string but the nylon was terrible I thought.

PM me your address. I’ll send you a few of mine so you can see if there’s a difference.


Honest comment time…

I picked up a pack of nylon kitty string a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty disapointed with their performce.

These “nylon” strings were just poly strings (They certainly frayed like poly. Nylon doesn’t really fray.) that had tension issues. Also, they didn’t whip anything like nylon strings, as advertised.

Bulk poly (it’s all pretty much the same thing) is probably the better buy.


Either is good, I find YYE string to be softer and Kitty string to last longer


kitty string


Nah, it was the mix (black/red), “normal” thickness. Since my last post, I was able to greatly reduce the twisting problem by tightening the string as much as possible before stretching it out. It behaves much better now, but not as well as I expected. Apparently, my experience is uncommon so maybe I have a bad batch ???. Either way, thanks so much for your kind offer.

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Any time :slight_smile:


I like the yoyoexpert bulk string the best, its cheap and i find it soft and a nice thickness. Although it might not last as long a Kitty String it still lasts a couple days for me (i don’t yoyo for hours on end like some people do).


Never had this problem. Kitty is my go-to