Kitty String 1.5 vs Other String

In my yoyo journey, I have only owned YoTricks Bulk String, Expert String, and Kitty String 1.5. Kitty String 1.5 is by far my favorite out of those three. I would like to know how Kitty String 1.5 compares to other “higher end” string (LOL). I would mainly like to know how it is against Toxic Strings and YYSL. Also, how does it compare to other quality bulk string?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I don’t really like kitty fat poly (what I have of kitty) unless i am in a pinch…i prefer YYSL Ammo or Toxics…the Toxics are super whip friendly. Ammo being slightly less. The regular toxics can feel sorta bounce-less but play extremely fast. Hope this helps.

Oops hit send before i was through typing AND was interrupted by my phone… Aaarrgh technolgy sometimes :wink:

LOL, yeah, I was kind of confused at your reply when you first posted it…I was going to quote you and be like, “So what does that have to do with this thread?..”, LOL.

I need somebody to tell me how 1.5 plays vs other strings though…

Just buy several different kinds till you find what fits your needs & moods. Toxics are my favorite (any). 2nd is YYSL Ammo… I have some kitty nylon I am trying out today just so I could give you somewhat of a better idea how it compares in the mix… While we’re at it… Let us know what you think of the Kitty 1.5

Edit: i know its your favorite of the three you have tried… But describe it a little if you can

That’s the thing…I don’t really want to buy a bunch of different stuff. Eventually, I will probably grab a sample pack of Toxics and maybe a pack of YYSL Type X.

As for the description of Kitty 1.5…it holds tension somewhat well, suicides are decent, it hits lacerations really well, whips are really nice, and slacks are great. I think it feels great on the hands too. Doesn’t last too long at all though.

Bump. I need to know if Toxics and YYSL’s are worth it, LOL.

Toxics are gonna blow you away at how much longer they last compared to anything else. I usually only change them out if they start getting dirty or dull. The regulars I wash in my pockets with Laundry and they come out almost new again, except for their Metz … Just try 'em.

YYSL’s are great also but at most last only a few days for me. Wonderful strings.

i dont know why but lately i have been using panther string by big yoyo string and it is really comparitive to yysl and toxic. its has the play and feel of yysl but it has the whippiness (lol) of toxic string so yeah 8)

Panther String was developed to have crazy fast whips. If you are comparing it to other strings, I would say it is similar in feel to Dragon String, but softer on the hands. If you want a string more like YYSL string, check out our Candy String, 3lan~Mus3, or Fat Chicks (if you are into thicker string).

Actually, Panther reminds me of a much thinner dragon.
Indeed :slight_smile:

The thing is guys…I need my string to be available on this site. Sorry Big YoYo String…