Best string for me?

Okay guys. I’m looking for a string, which is made obvious by the title. I’ve heard kitty 1.5 nylon is the way to go, but I’m just making sure there’s not something better.
What I’m looking for is a string that’s pleasant on the finger (soft), thick, is good for whips, and holds tension well. If you have any ideas please tell me.

For a poly string id get yysl ammo, or toxic metz, or fat kitty. I think metz and ammo are softest. I havent played the 1.5 so cant tell you about that one

Soft, thick, and good for whips…

BigYoyo Panther string is what comes to mind, for me.

Instead of doing this just go on the yye store and get the smallest amounts of strings that seem to fit you’re preferences and try them out and once you find the one you like the most just keep getting that one until you have a change in preference.

Go for the Kitty String 1.5! It fits your preferences. The only major con is that it doesn’t last long. But that doesn’t matter too much since it comes in 100-packs.

Your best bet with cheap bulk strings is the kitty 1.5… If you’re willing to go premium YYSL is soft and pretty good for whips, definitely an upgrade from kitty, but it is more expensive… Something that may be even better is Twisted Strings Gray Matter. I’ve heard they are CRAZY… way softer than ammo soft…, and are AWESOME for whips… Like… better than Toxic better… But it’s even more expensive.