Soft string?

What’s a nice, soft, long lasting, suicidey string? Also, what’s a nice whippy string?

Quite liking Kitty’s 1.5 poly/nylon blend. Lasts ages and whips pretty well.

YYSL is soft, long lasting and whippy. I don’t do a lot of suicides so I can’t help you there.

Really? I have some and I don’t feel like they last long at all…like only a day or two of hardcore play.

If you’re like me, you find YYSL Type X is even too rough… I use really soft string. Some stuff that works for me is YYSL AMMO, its decent at whips but not amazing. If you want a real soft string that still whips great you’ll want something with nylon. Modman’s Unknown Annihilators are both soft and very whippy. Logi’s nylon string is the softest strings Ive ever played and whip great too. Another option is BYYS 3lan Muse. It’s not necesarrily soft but its slick so you won’t get string burn. Its amazing at whips once you break it in. Twisted strings graymatter is probably a good choice as well, however, I have not tried that string yet so I cant guarantee it whips as well as the above mentioned.

Big Yoyo String—Candy String (polyester)
Big Yoyo String—Fat Chicks (nylon)

Both are amazing. The candy lasts really long, and stays so soft. The fat chicks are bouncy for like ever, and are mad soft.

I really like my YYSL Type X it’s super soft, and while AMMO is softer and nicer to the touch in general, I just find it too thick

Twisted Stringz Grey matter is a really nice soft string that is great for whips I starts playing it today and when I can sit at the desk too for more the. 5 minutes I will be doing a bunch if reviews. But this is the string if recommend it is thick, soft, & whips nicely.

Soft, not-so-long lasting suicide string - any poly string will do. It’s the technique that matters.

Whippy string - most of BYYS strings do the job. I personally use Panther and Cyber Silk.



Gray Matters are the softest string in existence*; however, they are TOO whippy for me. You barely have to flick your hand and it’s whipping around at high speed. I can’t control it!

Ditto for Cyber Silk for me. This is very much like Gray Matter… thick, soft, whippy.

The 3lan~muse by Big Yoyo Strings isn’t in quite that same “softness” category, but it’s VERY soft. To me it’s like a much softer Fat Kitty type string. The suicides with that string are awesome. Whips average.

*not scientifically proven

Thats it, youve done it, Im buying a pack of cyber silk and gray matter… i knew the graymatter was soft but i didnt know it was whippy too!