Help me find the string for me


I’m looking for a nice fat string that lasts longer than kitty. I would prefer it to be soft, but that doesn’t matter too much.

I need it to last a L O N G time, and be nice and fat though.

What would you recommend?



How long we talkin haha. I think you’d love YYSL Ammo. Good at slacks, whips, holds tension well, and the softest traditional poly string you’ll find. they last a few times longer than kitty but if you’re looking for somethin that lasts as long as like dragon string or cloud string their aren’t really any thick options out there. Plus if you’re looking into getting a string that lasts way longer than the traditional poly string ur gonna have to try gimmicky string like nylon or a really slick and stiff poly like dragon strings and not a lot of people like the feel of those.

If you’re willing to consider nylon though, epic strings magic threads might be what ur lookin for. They’re a little thicker than kitty, not quite as thick as ammo though. They last a VERY long time, does everything a little better than ammo IMO. They feel a little different from traditional poly because they’re a little slicker but they’re still as soft on the hands as ammo.

(InvaderDust) #3

toxic bg1 yellow jackets

(Rock Shouse) #4

I would agree w/Invader Dust and get the B 1 “Yellow jackets” they do have bags of #50 for sell…


Didn’t toxic strings retire a year ago? It’s too bad, they made some good string.


Cool, thanks!


You definitely want Eagle String Beak Thick. It’s very thick, but it’s soft and plays really well. It also lasts really long.

(InvaderDust) #8

I sent him an email about 6 months ago and he was happy to make to 10 bags. I was happy to pay a little extra for them just cause.

send him a line! worst case he cant or wont. Best case is you get some boss and hard to find strings!


Kitty string nylon fat last’s longer then the polyester version.