Best bulk order long lasting string?

I currently use kitty but it lasts me way to short. I also only use neon yellow string. Anyone have suggestions?

Bulk Cloud String. Get two, and you’ll be set for a year or more.

If you usually use normal or fat go for YYSL Type X. If you used XL get Venom or Ammo. There’s a few other options but that’s really your only option for stuff sold on YYE.

That’s for bulk string, there’s other strings that last much much longer than the standard poly strings like Cloud String or Epic Strings; I personally like their Magic Threads the best, but they’re other 2 offerings last even longer. It’s nylon though so the feel is going to be a little different but whips, slacks, durability are on a completely different level from stuff like kitty, blueprint, YYSL, etc.

Try out Kitty Nylon 1.5, it lasts longer than standard kitty and has a nicer weight. Slightly more coarse to start, but it breaks in soft.

if you can find it (one one place left that i know of), Angle Hair is a great deal for price-performance, but alot of people dont like them, ( I love them!)