Any quick Suggestions on String?


Thanks guys. Looking for some string extra


I hear good things about blueprint


I just got a 100-pack of Blueprint and I love it. By far my favorite string to date.


What about YYF’s?
I have a YYF Whip and haven’t changed string in maybe 2 years


What!? how!? I have to change my string like every week!


What string do you use? I want good string that lasts long. That’s why I’m looking at YYf’s :wink:


Most poly string will last a rediculous amount of time, but it get dirty/grimy and streches out to its maximum which I think lots of players don’t like. But damn, same string for 2 years? Can I just buy you a new yoyo and string?


Actually, I’m getting both a new yoyo and new string, for a project I’m doing that you can see here:,75834.0.html

Thanks for the tip about poly string :slight_smile:


Kitty XL, Fat, Fat Nylon, 1.5.


Kitty string fat is my fav. Good luck with the ladder, black hops is tough.


I’ve heard that Kitty doesn’t last long though. About how long does its string last before you have to replace it?


Obviously it depends on how much you throw. Factor in humidity and such. I go through, at least, one Kitty String per day. It loses it’s ability to hold slacks well pretty quickly though. I could go through 4-5 per day if I were more vigilant about it’s non-slackiness.


Yeah, I’d like to keep my string as long as possible. I think I’m not gonna go with Kitty if I have to keep rebuying it. Thanks though :slight_smile:


Kitty 1.5 hands down. If you are the kind of person to always replace your string, the fact that it ‘doesn’t last as long’ won’t matter, and if you never change it anyways it still doesn’t matter. It’s not like the string will snap (under normal circumstances), unless you keep it for a long time.

I got myself a 100 pack of it right after I got a 100 pack of blueprint. Haven’t touched the blueprint since and I’ve gone through maybe 20-25 in ~a month across 15 different throws. I’m also the kind to not spend the time with a bad knot and just change string.


You will want premium poly, then, but you’ll also have to pay for it. Toxics are some of my personal favorites, specifically the standard toxics and dragons. The others tend to get a little hairy for my taste. And you will need to replace your string regardless at some point. I will say that even though I like toxics, economically you’d come out ahead if you’d just buy the kitties and replace them.
I actually snapped a string on an old Da Bomb looping it at my girlfriend. It hit her, and she was not impressed. Luckily it’s light and plastic 8)


Kitty Normal is my normal bulk string. I get 2 boxes of 100 every time


2-3 packs of dragon strings will last longer then a 100 pack of kitty


I have to get some of that string so I can determine whether or not you are crazy.


I’m not. GregP along with many others agree with me. The string is really slick though, if you don’t like that type of string it may not be for you, but it lasts an extremely long time


Sounds like its worth a try. There is no way I can’t not try it now.