String changes?

How often do you guys change your (poly) string?

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I use yoyoexpert 100% poly. I feel like it wears out really fast, and I use it for atleast 2-4 hous a day. I change it every 3-4 days because i feel like its wearing. Is that way too often?

Once every week or two

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How quickly you need to change your strings really depends on how picky you are about them and how much you play each day. At a small, one day state contest I can burn through ten strings fairly easily. On the other hand, when I’m just throwing to relax at home I might not change my string for a few weeks.

If you are practicing for 2-4 hours a day a string lasting 3-4 days is perfectly reasonable. Some people will change them more often than that, while others will keep their strings for longer. If you change your string when it gets noticeably greasy, natty, or fails to hold neutral tension you should be just fine.

If you want to worry about having to change your strings all the time. When I am putting in serious 2a practice I go through at least four strings an hour.

Also depends greatly on the type of string. Most “standard” poly is per what mrcnja says. On the other hand, something like a Dragon string can last weeks. The Quick 13 P1 I’ve been using is in-between. It lasts a few days of heavy play and then seems to want “refreshing”.

When it needs changing.


Thanks guys! I got my maverick on ebay and it had really good string that i really liked and that was before I knew about different string types and stuff. I thought that that string was just poly, so i just got an 100 pack of yoyoexpert poly, but it wasn’t the same and definetely doesnt last as long as the string that is still on my maverick. I’ve still to find what that string is, but i’m going to wait until i go through my 100 pack. I think im going to try kitty string next. I hope thats it. This time im just going to get a 10 pack instead of 100 and then get more if i like it.

I find Kitty string lasts about as long as YYE 100% poly.

Hmm… Maybe candy wires or ammo?

Candy wires will last you slightly longer. But YYSL Type X and Ammo last WAY longer than most strings while maintaining superb performance.

Is the longest lasting string still graou? or is there a new king?

I love LOVE me some Type X and Ammo, but I don’t call them long-lasting strings. Not compared to some of the trilobal-based stuff that I get bored of before it actually wears out. They last a good solid few days of playing, though, which is still miles better than a good solid few hours. :wink: People who buy Type X (and now Ammo) buy it because of how flipping amazing it is to play, not because of its above-average longevity.

Candy Wires… I didn’t find they lasted longer than Kitty. They just wore in different ways since they have such a different feel to them.

If you want a solid long-lasting string, some of the other small operations are making great stuff. Epic, Big Yoyo, and Quick 13 all make some of the longest-lasting stuff I’ve ever tried. I have a batch of Unknown String (a type that’s no longer being made; I assume because there are improved types!) that is soft and yet seems to last for weeks if you want it to.

I do still like good ol’ Kitty a lot of the time, though. It’s cheap enough that it doesn’t matter if it needs more frequent changing. A fresh Kitty string is a nice reliable standard you can turn to any time.

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Hmmmmmm I dont know what to get. I think im still going to get a 10 pack of kitty, just to see if i like it.

I almost always also get a 10-pack of something I’ve never tried before, but I’m silly that way. A 10-pack of Kitty and a 10-pack of Candy Wires will give you some variety as well as a decent starting stock.

If you want string that lasts, check out Big Yoyo String’s Panther String. It lasts so long you throw it away because you’re bored with it!

Also if you wanna try some candywires, pm me and I will send you a couple

I change everyday or two. Practicing for Worlds 2013 ya kno!