The string only lasts as long as you want it to

Its true.

I’ve been using an orange 100% poly yoyoexpert string for 2 months and its still fine.

See for yourself, try out an old string, fix the tension, and BAM a perfect string.

Old string feels weird. It’s not as whippy or slacky, and has a rough frayed feeling.

in theory yes, but just because you can use it does not mean it is a good idea. I find strings after a week or two (while they get better at holding proper tension) become very hard to perform any whips or lacerations. Also with old strings i can never get nearly as long as a spin adn you run the risk of the string breaking, resulting in a flying yoyo

Hit it head on.

These days, my throwing has taken a dip in time, so a string may last me a week or two. But, at my yoyo meet, if I throw my DM2 most of the time(which I do), that string is gonna last me the meet if I’m lucky. I find if I throw at the meet on Saturday, I better put a fresh string on it before the meet Sunday or change it on site. I find with the way I’m throwing these days, I’m getting about 2 hours per string on YYE 100% poly before I really feel the need to replace it.

Also, I find weight of the yoyo makes a difference too. Lighter yoyos I can get 3-4 hours out of a string.

I also am finding the YYE 100% poly in white doesn’t hold up very well. The neon green, neon yellow and orange are fine. I do like the look of the white on certain yoyos though.

YYE poly and regular Kitty String last about 30 minutes for me.

It’s March, and my friend has been using a regular 100% poly string since November, and he yoyos a lot.

If you don’t use it it lasts forever.

I use the dyed 100% poly almost exclusively right now. It seems to work very well for most modern yoyos with silicone response. During the winter when I’m indoors often and throwing more, these strings last me about a day. Although with an hour or two of continuous throwing there pretty much trashed. I have never liked throwing with an old string. Makes the yoyo feel like a rock to me and won’t hold slack loops and suicides as well. But to each there own.

it works until your string snaps. Happened to me never want it to happen again was yoyoing with a 1st run of Speeder 2 as soon as it hit the floor the metal weight rings popped out and everything was rolling in different directions. I FREAKED out lol. Just be careful is all i can say

String is cheap, so cheap, compared to the possiblity of damage to the yo, animals, people and other objects should the string break. I just don’t understand taking that risk to save a few pennies. I don’t worry about how long it’s lasted. When I feel it should be changed, I change it.

It’s one thing when a string snaps unexpectedly during play, like what happened to Paul Han at Worlds 2011. It’s another thing when a string snapped on me when I got my soda blasted Agape, since the bearing seat area was a bit “rough” and I needed to smooth it by giving it a Denim rubdown, which resolved that issue completely.

I also understand new people breaking strings because they need to learn, and this is the best way to learn, because otherwise they won’t know. But once you’ve been doing this a bit, you should understand when it’s time to change strings.

When the string snapped on my Agape, it flew across the room and smacked into a door, leaving a mark. of course, this was due to the soda blast and me needing to smooth down the bearing seat area, as described above. Since then, never a problem. But, I was lucky. Some people are luckier when the string breaks and the yoyo goes flying and lands softly without damaging anything.

Flying yoyos can injure pets, people and animals, with enough potential in some case to seriously injure, harm or kill(especially small critters). Granted, most injuries are bruises, but there’s potential for broken or cracked bones. Damage to property can be a bit more dramatic, especially if the yoyo smashes through something that is small and valuable, or can be as boring as making a mark on a wall or door. I can certainly envision a yoyo going through a glass window, getting stuck in a ceiling or wall, or otherwise creating amusing yet damaging scenarios.

If one is playing on OLD strings, inspect the string more closely. I recently changed one out after playing it for way too long when I noticed the string starting to break(one of the 3 threads had almost broken through). It’s like the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Strings are relatively cheap.

Changing string to keep optimum performance is a nice luxury. Using a string perhaps longer than it should be is probably what most of us do anyways, but in my case, using it 3-4 hours instead of 2 hours of play. But to just play old strings forever, or trying to wash them to get a bit more life out of them, I’ve found this to not be a good way to go.

Also, some strings have longer life expectations. My averages are based on using 100% poly YYE string. I am testing these new strings right now and I’m finding these last around 5 hours before needing to be changed. Since I’m testing, it’s taking forever since they last a long time.

I play most of my strings into the ground.

I’ve used them for over a month then swap them out, longer depending if I use that yoyo much or not.

Use Angel-hair string. It lasts forever. Figuratively speaking of course.

I find that it is the knots that seem to be the determinant for string retention.

When I get knot the question is:

  1. Is the string relatively new? - try to get that knot out.
  2. Is it old? Time for a new string.

Yeah, I am that lazy.

I’ve only had one string break on me in my life. (other than pre-2000 all-cotton stuff)

It was YYJ yellow 50/50. I played on it every bit of 2-3 hours a day and it didn’t break until after a week. This was also with a 70g Legacy.

Strings are durable. I replace mine when they start feeling more like wire and less like string. You should too.

Yeah, kinda like that.


I hate the multicolor 100% polyester strings, they for some reason have this really weird feel after about 2 hours of play. I like toxic strings and YoYo lab type x strings, they last forever!

I’d say, if you can afford a couple bucks for a pack of new string do it, new sting always works better, but if you cannot afford it yes keep the same string for a while