I REALLY need help with this problem...

I throw a DM, got it like about a week ago, plays great, by far best yo-yo i’ve used. But here is my problem, I also bought a 100 pack of green 100% poly string and i go through a string or sometimes 2 strings a day. They just keep ripping and ripping on me. And it is pissing me off… >:(
What could it be? How can i fix this?
Any help at all would be great, just any suggestions or recommendations. ???
Thanks in advance people.

How much do you yoyo? Somtimes I go through 1 or 2 a day also.
Or have you widened the gap too much? This is common when someone gets their first adjustable gap. This could cause the string to go around the axle, which would cause the string to break rather fast.

That’s really okay.

It’s very common for people who do hardcore throwing. =]

When I was newer I burned the crap outa YYE strings… 2 a day sounds good… Means your doing it right… Carry spares!!

Well i yo-yo EVERY chance i get.
I wake up at 6:30 and yo-yoing by 6:50. Throw til like 8:10 Then start again at 12:45 to like 1:30. Start again at 3:00 until like uhhh… 12:00 AM?
There is a lot of in between yoyoing in there too though. :]
So this is normal? Is there any way i can fix it?

YYE string (and any string, really) wears out pretty fast. I’m getting some 422 Chaos string soon. lasts a few days instead of a few hours.

I am very frugal with my strings and I go through about 1 a day or so…
So if you’re yoyoing that much it sounds about right.

If you want some long lasting string PM Jeromy K, Now that I’ve gotten a bit better, I upgraded to Perfectfit… One string lasts me about a week.

Wow,one week lasting string?
Sounds good. Jeromy K it is. I shall look for him.
Quick! to the “search” thing! Up. UP. And Away! ;D

snake Skin Strings are pretty long lasting to!

Sick String!!!

By James Reed.

Most types of string will last me about an hour or two of play each. But I had some Toby string and it lasted me about 4 or 5 days of constant use.

You should try some AirGlow strings by Gizzyo. I think that you will find they last a very long time. Soon AirGlow and Snake skin will be doing a colaberation. You should pick up a pack of both company’s string.

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Alchemy Last About 3 weeks for me.

And how often do you throw? ???

Alchemy for me would last me more like 2 days. :slight_smile:

Whip string by metal man lasted me a month of constant play ;D :wink:

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Alright i’m getting all these responses for strings so it’s confusing me.
Is there any that would be like “the best”?
For lasting time and comfort. (I’d prefer not cotton.)

No string is the “best”. It’s all preference. You will just have to try a bunch and see what you like.
I’ve found that pure 100% poly is a string that everyone uses, though.

Actually i use 100% Poly also. Yet it still rips… >:(
But yeah i guess you’re right, I’m going to have to try different ones and see which one lasts longer.