I REALLY need help with this problem...

the only reason i use poly is for the colors lol ::slight_smile:

yeah??? ??? ??? ???

Im sure you can buy small packs of all these strings and see which you like best…

my whip masters last about a month or less of constant play! (these strings have a secret and expencive strands making it last longer)

False, cotton thread is actually less durable than Polyester thread. Don’t believe me. Google it.

If you really want something durable it is Nylon.

Ihave heard tell of Sick String, the waxed variety, lasting over 30 days of intense throwing, personally, I thro chaos 122s and love them, but I do use 1 every day or so, gstring by Paul Wallace lasts longer than that from my experiance, my advice would be to try to find a string that you really like, and not worry about how long they last, as long as they play like you want (this becomes more important when you start to whip and slack). Also, in my experience, the starburst on a DM can chew through cheap polyester pretty quickly.