Ok well I would first like to start with the fact that I have recently started yo-yoing again and purchased a Dark Magic to give myself a boost on tricks ;D. Along with the yo yo I purchased a 5 pack of Yellow 100% Polyester strings. Now I have to admit, the string is GREAT…While its new…I notice that after a bit of play (Couple hours maybe 2?) that the string becomes very frayed and twists a lot faster.

Im not doing any “Awesome” tricks, so I dont see why the strings would become so horrible so quickly. So that brings me to my question, and I know this is opinionated for most people however. What string has a decent to long life, good for learning whips and string tricks, and wont cost an arm and a leg. Thanks in advance!!!

You should try Yoyonation highlights:
Highlights work great for most people, including me.

But if you’re willing to pay a little more, you should try Chaos string. It’s great and lasts longer than other strings. It’s available at the One Drop store:

I throw a DM as well and Im not super pro… I havn’t used the 100% poly but I’ve used 100% cotton and 50/50… 50/50 is what I prefer. The cotton seems to slow the yoyo down and bit and also breaks sooner… The 50/50 works fine… I change my strings anywhere from once a week to once a month. Normaly I yoyo about 4-6 hours a day (Yeah I do have a life, but I yoyo while doing everything else… My friends get distracted when were talking and Im just messing around. And I’ve gotten my yoyo taken away in lunch and gym.) I’d say pick up a pack of each and do prefernce tests/ stress tests and see which works best…I do alot of laceration style tricks and grinds, and the price isn’t bad. When my next paycheck hits Im picking up a 100 pack. its about 10 bucks… the 5 pack is only 3 bucks… Good luck!

I wouldn’t recommend 100% cotton. It increases friction and is also more likely to snap and send your yoyo flying. I once used cotton and it snapped after about 2 hours of play.

You can try 50/50 type 6 though. It works great for some people.

Well I’ve found that yoyonation strings last a lot longer than yoyoguy strings. also strings last by how much you use them, not the tricks you do with them. However I haven’t bought a string in 6 months because I make my own custom ones. Really, all I’ve heard about a long life sting is a string called angle hair strings. Hear they are:
There three dollars for a five pack but they should last weeks. later.

keep it spinning

I was going to try the 50/50 type 6 strings, my only question is how they feel with the cotton mixed with the poly. I like the feel of the polyester when its new and just wanted to know how the cotton effects the feel to the string.

Yeah, it feels very soft and good in your hands at first. It would be a great way to go, and is what I started with myself. It lasts a good while when you are beginning, and keeps its tension decently. It preforms the tricks you are looking to do fairly well, but it doesnt necessarily excel in them. Still, it is a good string.

Now, onto the real purpose of this post. I recommend Perfect Fit String. Honestly, this is my favorite string.

“But I’ve never heard about it? Why?” Well, this is a fairly new string, created by Jeromy Kasner. I know it seems like I’m trying to make you purchase something you’ve never heard of, so before you ask some more question, take a look at these reviews :wink:

Perfect Fit String - A Review - Yo-Yo Reviews - YoYoExpert Forums Courtesy of DocRobot
Perfect Fit Strings Review - Yo-Yo Reviews - YoYoExpert Forums Courtesy of OldSchool


Now that you have read those, let me go on in detail briefly. I was talking about 50/50 string up there. Now realize this - I go through a 50/50 string in about a day with normal/average play. With Perfect Fit String, each individual string lasts me from 5 days to 2 weeks. Seriously.

This string whips, slacks, and sleeps like a beast. It seems like it would suit your style extremely well. Now, there is one thing you need to know. If you are just beginning, and your hands arent accustomed to yoyoing yet, this string can cause slight pain. Personally, I dont have this problem, as I have my callous, but it is possible if your hands havent developed.

“How can I trust that I will get my order? What if he is scamming me, and Samad is just helping him scam?”

Now, I also see how this problem can arise. And I havent done this so far, but I’ll do it for you.
If you dont get your order, I will personally refund you as well as give you some Perfect Fit String for free.

“Where do I get Perfect Fit String?”

The website is currently in production, however contact Jeromy K. here, and ask him about it.
Because I’m so nice, here is a link :stuck_out_tongue:;u=262

“How much does this cost?”

Want to know another great thing about this string? Let me elaborate. A lot of hand-made strings out there these days are designed for high-quality play, but oftentimes destroy your wallet.

Not these. While I don’t exactly remember the prices, I do remember they are cheap. Really, its a win-win deal here. So what are you waiting for! Ask Jeromy and buy a pack of Perfect Fit String today!

Well, Samad, that has got to be the best answer Ive received for a question I have posted online in a loooooong time :o. And i think I am going to take up your recomendation on the perfect fit string, and if it hurts my hand, oh well Ill use it anyways because even though Im a yoyo noob, Im still awesome-tastic =D lol.