I wasn’t sure if there was already an existing thread about strings, or if there was a better place for this, so I apologize in advance.

Do you guys recommend the 100% polyester string found on this website for an advanced yoyo-er like me?

Is it good? What other string would you recommend that lasts a while?? I want string that is very unresponsive so I can do more tricks.

Really any of the high quality strings from Toxic, Twisted Stringz, StringLab are good strings. My preferred strings are Toxic BG’s and Dragon String, Twisted A1 or B and the StringLab Type X. If you want something that you can get in larger quantity for less Kitty String poly is pretty good as well.

Hi there yoyonut, I recommend you to use the 100% polyester string. It is very durable and lasts much longer than other types of strings in my opinion. It is very smooth and glide over your fingers well. It is great for advance tricks and unresponsive. But I believe it is best for all divisions of yo-yoing, except for 2A. However, 100% cotton and the 50/50 tends to wear out much faster for advanced play. Hope this is helpful! :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with YYE 100% polystring. Even so, I would recommend buying small amounts of the other stuff to see what you like. You might find something you like. It will cost some money, but then, so does everything.

If you want something you can get a bunch of for cheap, Kitty String is awesome. I, however, LOVE the Toxic BG1’s. Alot of the “high quality” strings last much longer than normal polyester string, and many times play better too. These strings are also built as “specialty” string; meant for a certain purpose, like whips and slacks.

Another thing: String doesn’t have too much to do with responsiveness. That is mainly the yoyo and the response. But, there are ultra-thin strings made for extremely unresponsive play, but I find that there is not a huge difference besides the slippy binds that the thin strings offer. String really doesn’t determine what tricks you can do. It’s your skill, coupled with the yoyo. If you have an unresponsive yoyo, you can do Spirit Bomb on 50/50, Polyester, or even cotton.

Chaos would be a good option, but the company is so unreliable. It takes months for them to ship out your order.

Since you mentioned Chaos…Sniffy and I were talking about this in another thread. We both placed orders back in the fall and have yet to get our orders. Our impression…they are no longer producing string so probably best to avoid their site if you can actually find it. Best to stick with reliable manufacturers like Toxic, StringLab, Kitty or Twisted.