help with a yoyo string =((

hi guys i need some help
i am a intermidate player ad i think i will be advanced soon
i need a recommendation about a good yoyo string for me
for a responsive and unresponsive games


You can go with the basics from YYE :slight_smile: they are great and will work for both responsive and unresponsive. If you are trying 4A … i would recommend 100% cotton. Other wise I would say order a little of 50/50 or 100% poly … its personal preference and no one can really tell you how to choose, thats something you should decide :slight_smile:

Same goes with the string companies :

I personally like toxic markmont dragon strings because it whips and slacks great and its not as FAT or THICK … as toxics normal hand made strings are.

Kitty string, Chaos (stiff), Kevlar (lasts a while) are also great … IMO - I noticed a huge difference with Toxic strings … which is why I use them most… if i Don’t have toxic… I just use my regular YYE strings.

Again, I would really recommend you order like the least amount from each company to try your self. If you can’t buy then you can also try the b/s/t … not really a place for strings but you can always … post saying you want to buy different types of strings. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

YYE 100% Poly.
All day, any day.

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I’ve been using Twisted Stringz for the past few months and I like their Type D a lot. I use it in everything from a responsive Lyn Fury to my Burnside. I just got some of the Project X and it is pretty sweet too. Plus it’s a one person operation and the customer service is second to none.

Check out He gets into detail reviewing strings. There are a lot of good string makers out there.

Hey. Thanks.
Here’s a direct link to my string series.

I’m not sure if I plan to write another part in the series, but if I do it will be on Graou, which is one master string maker who’s work everyone should at least try.

I would avoid ordering from chaos directly until they get things straightened out.
There are quite a few people who’s past orders haven’t yet been filled from many months ago.
I’m pretty sure yye still has some though.
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